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Doggedly determined to succeed on her own terms

A lifelong animal lover, Shanna Hoffer has created the ideal situation for herself with the opening of Endeavour K9, a new dog boarding, training and breeding facility in West Montrose.

The name of the new venture reflects Hoffer’s 10-year journey of making her dream come true. Her big dream became a huge endeavour, one she is more than happy to take on.

“Anyone’s welcome for boarding,” she said. “Health is important to me, no matter what. So when they come, we will do a health check from nose to tail, we weigh them, and then every day we’ll do daily weights – we’ll mark down everything.

“They get peace of mind that their dogs are well cared for. They get peace of mind that their not finding anything that we missed while their dogs are here – I try to go above and beyond as much as possible,” she added.

Situated on 44 acres, the 12,000-square-foot facility is now open and ready for business. It boasts a dog training facility, insulated kennel walls and a retail store carrying Canadian-made products. The facility has seven HVAC units with UV lights and strict cleaning  procedures in between dogs boarding. They also make sure the dogs are healthy, vaccinated and are in good health before boarding. 

Hoffer currently has plans to breed only her own, Neila and Paxx, both of which are CKC-registered working line Belgian Malinois. She has hopes those puppies will be working dogs, as that is what they are best suited for.

“It’s not going to be until 2023, but I already have a list of people that want them. I’ll be keeping one myself for my own program, so it won’t be a huge program. It might just be one litter a year – it’s about quality over quantity.”

Endeavour K9 is open year round and offers a variety of services from training, self-grooming, retail and boarding. They can handle all types of dogs from small to large, untrained to well trained.

“Day training for those that don’t want their dog gone for long periods of time – they’ll drop the dogs off here from Monday through Thursday. It’s like sending the kids to school: they’ll drop them off in the morning and pick them up at night, and have work to do on evenings and weekends. It’s got pretty much anything that anyone would want. So if they don’t have time to do a lot of the work, then they’ll board and train; if they want to do most of the work than there’s private training and classes,” noted Hoffer.

“There’s nothing like this in Ontario – I probably will get more people, especially with the Malinois. There’s a Facebook page for Malinois that are Canadian but a lot of people say where do you send your dog that understands these dogs – it’s not an easy breed,” explained Hoffer, owner of three Belgian Malinois.

Hoffer has experience with this breed, as well as others,  and is open to helping anyone who has a rambunctious pooch.

“There is a pond at the other end of the property that I take the dogs to swim in, so people can have that option if they want their dogs to go swimming. There’s the trail right across the road where we can take dogs or walk them around through the covered bridge,” she added.

Her goals for future expansions include more fencing around the lot so more dogs can run off-leash, and a large, open training arena. More information is available online.

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