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Adding a little spice to life … and your next meal

Culinary school graduate James Small used his skills to start the Creepy Ghost, a hot sauce business selling his signature sauce. [Submitted]

James Small graduated from culinary school and has been working in restaurants for the past few years. During his time there, customers would routinely ask for hot sauce to go along with their meals and he would take the time to “whip something up for them.” Now, he’s decided to take what he’s learned and turned that into a business making and bottling hot sauce for his own set of customers.

Culinary school graduate James Small used his skills to start the Creepy Ghost, a hot sauce business selling his signature sauce. [Submitted]

The Creepy Ghost hot sauce is something he says he’s been making for a while; however, it’s only been about a week since he started bottling it for customers in the community. It’s a blend of a hickory-smoked barbecue sauce mixed with a ghost pepper and scotch bonnet pepper combo to give a real punch to people who want to bring the heat.

What initially started as a fun project has become an enterprise that allows him to support local people and businesses. His aim is not only to take this business further but also to allow him to give back to the community and give work to others that can help him achieve his goals.

“I’ve looked into local farmers to grow my peppers for me; if I can get my business going, I’m trying to give back and help other local people that can supply me with what I need,” said Small.

What stands his fiery sauce apart from the rest is the approach he’s taken: Small wanted to put out a product that not only has a burn but also has more flavour to go along with it, and his customers love the sauce for doing just that.

“A lot of people that have tried it have said that they’re getting a sauce that’s very hot, but also it’s got a really nice flavour. It’s just that the biggest thing I find: a lot of sauces that you get now are either just hot or they’re not that spicy and they actually have flavour,” said Small.

His process starts by making a hickory-smoked barbecue sauce, the foundation of the flavour. He then lets that rest and begins making his mixture of peppers, which cooks down until it has begun to reduce so he can extract as much flavour as possible with his other ingredients. Once the flavour is right, he’ll mix the sauces together to create the Creepy Ghost.

In the future, Small plans on potentially expanding his line of sauces beyond the signature one he currently makes. Right now, he expects to continue with what he’s doing – once the time is right, he’ll see what else he can create.

Those interested in the product can contact him through his Facebook account, James Small.

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