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Heidelberg’s Stemmler Meats develop new beer-infused sausage

While Thanksgiving and Halloween will be celebrated everywhere, the impeding flip of the calendar in this area brings with it another bit of fun: Oktoberfest.

The annual celebration of all things Bavarian, running October 11-19 this year, has been looking to boost both the authentic German quotient and local content, particularly when it comes to beer and food. To that end, Heidelberg-based Stemmler Meats & Cheese has partnered with Waterloo Brewing to develop a beer-infused sausage that will be exclusively available during the Oktoberfest season.

Along with the Stemmler’s location and Waterloo Brewing, the Waterloo Beer Bratwurst will be available only at Bingemans.

The special bratwurst produced by Stemmler’s is infused with the Waterloo Craft Lager, which makes up 17 per cent of the sausage.

“One sausage and the one beer for this year, that’s where we’re starting, we kind of want to see how this is going to go and if there’s excitement, who knows what we do next year,” Kevin Stemmler.

“We chose a beer that would appeal to the most people. If you’re not a beer person or beer drinking person you’re still going to really enjoy this,” says Kevin Stemmler, CEO at Stemmler Meats.

The idea first came about when Bingemans wanted to create something more local for this year’s Oktoberfest. Bringing the three companies together allowed for the product to not only be local but to create a food-centric focus on Oktoberfest this year.

“One of the most prevalent experiences during the Oktoberfest season is pairing delicious seasonal food with great beer,” says George Croft, president and CEO of Waterloo Brewing, in a release.

To incorporate beer in the sausage, Stemmler’s used beer for the moisture that is usually needed in meat to avoid it feeling like leather. This particular bratwurst has been tested to ensure its smooth finish from the lager that is used, said Stemmler.

With this being the first year that the sausage will be available, all the partners of this initiative are hoping that the success will allow the bratwurst to make a comeback next season.

“One sausage and the one beer for this year, that’s where were starting we kind of want to see how this is going to go and if there’s excitement, who knows what we do next year,” Stemmler said.

The beer bratwurst is now available until the last Saturday of the Oktoberfest season at any of the Bingemans Oktoberfest events, including the Koolhaus, at the Waterloo Brewing retail store and at the Stemmler Meats & Cheese store. Those who do not go out for Oktoberfest have the opportunity to go buy the sausage at any of the locations and still take part in the experience from home.

A limited quantity will be available for only a short period of time at select locations. “If you want some in your freezer for a later date you better make sure you get some before the end of Oktoberfest,” Stemmler advised.

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