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Don Green Memorial slo-pitch tournament a hit

Great weather and fun times pack 'em in at the annual Wellesley fundraiser over the weekend in benefit of the Lions Club

The Don Green Memorial slo-pitch tournament knocked it out of the park once again over the weekend, with sunny skies, a fired-up barbecue and cold beer drawing some 500 people to the Wellesley ball diamonds.

“We’re anticipating the total revenue from the event to be significantly higher than last year,” said organizer Blair Cressman. “We’re just finalizing and closing up our bills from the event, and should have an estimate later in the week.”

Significant profit areas include the 50/50 raffle draw, which raised approximately $1,500, as well as food and drink sales. There was also $800 raised in prize money given to the winning baseball teams … and then delivered right back to the Wellesley & District Lions Club.

“It’s a fun part of the night when we get on the microphone, and we get to announce the winning teams and hold up their envelope to encourage them to come up and get their prize money,” said Cressman.

“All of the teams say ‘Give it back!’ Some of the guys like to joke and begin walking up halfway, and all the other teams start booing them, which is quite amusing.”

Sixteen teams across four divisions, including legacy teams such as the River Rats, Pioneers, and Golden Boys, all competed throughout the weekend. While technically still a tournament, players are not too concerned with the winners or losers and are way more interested in having fun.

About 32 volunteers, including Lions Club member Jennifer Sommer, Wellesley ABC Festival committee chairman Jamie Reid, and Applejacks Pointstreak Terry Brick, all dedicated their time to making the event a success.

“We actually had to make multiple runs down to Pym’s Village Market to get additional supplies just based on how much food we had prepared and was consumed. So, a really good problem to have,” said Cressman, noting the beer gardens were packed entirely Saturday afternoon.

Jim Green, Don’s brother, also recently drew on the Don Green Memorial Fund to donate $30,000 towards a planned Wellesley recreation complex, using accumulated monies over the years. Following this, they made the decision to close the account.

The annual tournament will still continue to take place, however, with the same mission of improving recreation facilities in the township.


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