St. Boniface School visits Twin Oaks residents

John Bird a resident at Twin Oaks receiving his stocking from Iva Milardovic with Nate Kobe and the staff from Twin Oaks looking on

The stockings were made by a combination of the school’s  “WE Team” led by grade 5 and 6 teacher Mrs. Leisha Huber and Mrs. Sue Weiss the Educational Assistant, along with  the “Faith in Action Team” co-ordinated by Special Education Teacher Ms. LeeAnn Baker.  Librarian Technician,  Ms. Carol Lance also helped the students in sewing and decorating the stockings.

The school had told Twin Oaks Activity Director Katie Kemp what they were planning on doing and she in turn gave the school the first names of the residents along with their likes.  So each stocking held items that the residents could relate to and enjoy.  The school community donated all of the gifts for the residents.

Twin Oaks residents with their stockings which were presented by each student. Katie Kemp, Twin Oaks Activity Director is seen directing the residents in singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.
The students from St. Boniface School in the WE team and Faith in Action Team with their stockings for the residents. On the left is Katie Kemp, Activity Director at Twin Oaks and on the right is LeeAnn Baker Special Education teacher and co-ordinator of the “Faith in Action Team”.