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Monday, June 17, 2019

Historical Society Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community was held on Monday October 22nd  at 7  p.m. in the Edward Halter Home.

Committee Reports:

ARCHIVIST & GENEALOGY – Will be speaking on Monday, Nov. 19th to the Bruce County Genealogical Society Annual meeting at 12 noon at their Bruce County Museum.

BIRTHDAY CLUB – 12 cards were sent out during the past month

BUILDING MAINTENANCE – will be getting the Historical House ready for winter.

CHURCH – Recorded 1 death  and received obit and prayer service for Sister Rita Kittel who was a former teacher at St. Boniface School.  Helping with cemetery information.  Major work in cemetery – Ron Schmuck repaired over 20 stones and also working on iron crosses.  Coping being replaced and front of wall being pointed and inside of cemetery wall being parged.

COMMUNITY– Completed information on the Maryhill Market. Helping a family looking for information on a  log house in Maryhill  they had purchased and moved.

FUNDRAISING – Heritage Day was a great success.

MEMBERSHIP – 315 Member households: 3 Annual Membership, 312 Lifetime memberships.

PUBLICATIONS – The newsletter has gone out and the proxies for the Annual General Meeting will be emailed and mailed to members shortly.  The Annual General Meeting is on Sunday, November 18th from 2-4 p.m. at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre.

RESOURCE CENTRE – A family has approached the Historical Society about a family coverlet they would like to donate.

SCHOOL  – A  handicapped washroom and a change bed has been added for special needs children and a stall was enlarged for this to happen.

156 children now attend St. Boniface school. Have updated school information re staff.

WAYSIDE CROSSES   – Were beautiful for the Heritage Day tour.

WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR –  Everything running smoothly and updates made periodically

Diane Strickler
Diane Stricklerhttp://www.maryhillroots.com/
The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community committees were formed in 1977. Today our membership is made up of those who have a deep affection for unravelling the mysteries of the past and of those who have ancestral roots in the Parish and Community. Diane Strickler leads the Genealogy/Archives and lives in Maryhill.

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