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Local CrossFit athlete Jadzia Truszkowski is the 25th best female athlete in the world following the CrossFit Open that wrapped up last month.

The CrossFit Open is the first step of three to get to the CrossFit games, the biggest stage in the sport. This year’s open saw an estimated 500,000 athletes from all over the world compete in a five-week fitness challenge that tested athletes on strength, endurance and aspects of gymnastics.

In addition to her world ranking, she currently sits in third in Canada East as well as Canada overall, and second in Ontario.

“This open went really well for me I was fortunate to have some really good training beforehand and I have been healthy going into it,” she said. “What I enjoyed is that I really went into it strong mentally, which was a big difference because I went stressed out every workout last year.”

“The best structure that I could have going into it is having fun and enjoying the process instead of worrying about what my other competitors were doing.”

This is the third CrossFit open that she has set out to compete in. Just three years ago, she was ranked  902nd, last year she cut that to 329th, and now 25th.

“Definitely in the first couple of years I was a little immature when it came to my training – I did what I wanted, trained hard all day, didn’t worry about recovery. Now I am a little smarter. I have a coach, I have a real team around me – CrossFit Elmira is a really good place to have that and I am just smarter with the way I do it. I still train just as hard and just as much, sometimes I do a little too much, but I am also smart about recovery.”

The 30-year-old is 5’2” and weighs 135 pounds, but moves much more than her weight,  back squatting a whopping 320 lbs, snatching 155 lbs while still running a 20:45 5k, and reaching a personal best at the competition with a 232lb clean.

For Kirby Martin, owner of CrossFit Elmira, Truszkowski is the epitome of a dedicated, humble athlete.

“I have met a lot of really, really good CrossFit athletes in my time being involved in CrossFit and Jadzia – her work ethic, her consistent attitude is second to none,” he said. “She shows up every day with the intent to do the best she possibly can and when the workout or the training is done knowing that she gave it all every time. As an athlete her mentality is exactly where it should be.”

Not only a CrossFit athlete, Truszkowski is also a coach at CrossFit Elmira. For both her and Martin they stress that while she is the one percent of CrossFit athletes – the sport is really about taking a baseline of yourself, competing against yourself and learning techniques that will translate outside of the gym to really better your life. The sport encourages people of all ages to take some time during their day to work towards being a better you.

“The goal of the program is trying to improve the quality of your everyday life. So not everybody trains with the same mentality of Jadzia. Most people are coming in end of the workday – they’re looking to just blow off some steam before they go back home. Our goal is to get people [to] come back and tell us that their quality of life outside of the gym is better. It’s about doing the absolute best you can on that day and feeling good about that,” said Martin.

“The biggest part of CrossFit is the community and coming in to just better your life,” she added. “I started there too and that’s what’s important to remember is that everyone starts somewhere and everyone has different goals, but you’re all working together – it is a team.”

While she sits at the top of the sport, she is dedicated to always learning and evolving as an athlete. Like the CrossFit mentality says, making herself better every day feeds off of a deep competitive nature that she uses on herself.

“Everything is a competition and even subconsciously I am always competing, but it is important to learn to be a healthy competitor,” she explained. “If you want to be better than your competitor that’s on you. You cannot wish unwell for your competitors, but if you’re doing everything you can in your own power to be the best athlete you can be then it’s okay to want to beat your fellow competitors.”

For Truszkowski,  the next step is heading to regional’s which will be held May 13 to June 4, if she ends up in top five at regional’s she will be off to the peak challenge – the CrossFit Games, held August 1-5. A competition will be held as a fundraiser to help with the costs associated with Truszkowski’s trip to regionals in Albany, New York on May 12 with more information through CrossFit Elmira.

While the games are still a competition away, for being relatively new to the sport the accomplishment of making it there isn’t out of this competitors reach – although she is not getting ahead of herself just yet.

“I mean anything is possible, it’s something … I am still very new to the sport when it comes to actual CrossFit, but I am going there with the intentions of wanting that top five spot,” she said. “I also very much know how good my competitors are.”

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