Fire Prevention in Maryhill


Fire man Dave Kooy showing Ian Gallagher, Alex McMillian and daughter Nellie Kooy the fire truck. In the truck and Brinley and Carson Zinger

Joe Bischof manning the BBQ

What a perfect day for BBQ! Many families came out to enjoy Maryhill Fire Department’s annual Open House. There were complimentary burgers, hotdogs and juice and everyone was encouraged to check out the fire station, trucks and meet the members of the fire department.

Gabriel Doerr, Vincent Harris, Elmer Zettel, Maria Harris and Ashlynn Graham enjoying the BBQ
Diane Strickler
The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community committees were formed in 1977. Today our membership is made up of those who have a deep affection for unravelling the mysteries of the past and of those who have ancestral roots in the Parish and Community. Diane Strickler leads the Genealogy/Archives and lives in Maryhill.