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Cup number four for Jake Brown

Sugar King Jake Brown is in a category of his own with four Sutherland Cups notched up

Just back from a well-deserved vacation, Jake Brown has had some time to reflect on a singular accomplishment: he’s the only player to ever win the Sutherland Cup four times.

The assistant captain of the Elmira Sugar Kings certainly ended his Junior B hockey career on a high note.

Having come over from Caledonia this season, Brown celebrated his fourth win with the Kings against the host London Nationals on May 5, taking his turn to hoist the cup. Brown posted a goal and an assist in the cup final.

“It was really exciting. It was great. Everybody coming out on to the ice and everything. It felt good. We had to work hard for it, though,” he said.

His winning streak started with the Caledonia Corvairs, which claimed three Sutherland Cups in a row starting in 2014. In the first winning final, Brown helped the Corvairs defeated the St. Catharines Falcons with a power play goal in the second period. The series went to Game 7.

In 2015, Brown and the Corvairs found themselves facing off against the Lasalle Vipers after knocking the Leamington Flyers out of the series in five.

It was a close call against the Vipers in Game 6.

“We would score, then they would score,” he said, adding that he was one of the youngest players on the team despite being 18 years old. “They had a lot of experience and I was only in my second year.”

The third time Brown lifted the Sutherland Cup, he and the Corvairs took on the London Nationals. The Corvairs swept the final series and took Game 4 into overtime. Brown scored two points with two assists that game.

For the 2016-2017 season, Brown made his way to Elmira. He was taking classes at Conestoga College, and was commuting from Caledonia. Playing hockey for the Sugar Kings just fit into his lifestyle, and with that came a winning season and his fourth Sutherland Cup.

“It wouldn’t have happened without the team, (coaches) Ty (Canal), Brownie (Trent Brown), Becky (Brubacher) … the team and everyone else. The fans as well,” he said, adding that he will miss playing for the Kings.

Brown’s hockey career isn’t over yet, however. He has signed on, along with Sugar Kings outgoing players Jonathan Reinhart and Joshua Slegers, with the University of Windsor Lancers men’s hockey team.

“Moving to Windsor, it should be great – going to classes and playing hockey,” he said. “It will be cool having Reino and Slegers on the ice with me too.”

In his first and only season with the Sugar Kings, Brown scored 22 goals and 56 assists, earning himself 78 points in the regular season. With a longer than average postseason, Brown managed to notch 15 goals and 19 assists for 34 points. He was also named the Midwestern Conference Offensive Player of the Month for October in the 2016-2017 season.

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