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A trip back in time to 1992

Wellesley Public School took a trip down memory lane this week, opening a time capsule put together by students in 1992.

The letters, pictures, money, tapes and more have been sitting in the dark for 25 years, and in front of former teachers, students, anniversary committee members and school staff, the capsule was opened on the morning of Feb. 6. It was all part of a year-long celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of the school.

Each item was taken out, one by one, and everyone had a chance to take a look and see what life was like at the school a quarter-century ago.

Wellesley PS principal Brian Morgan says it is interesting to see how the community, and the school itself, has grown and evolved over the last 25 years since the time capsule was put together.

“The anniversary is a big deal and it is very exciting. The whole process has been really rewarding and fun,” he said, adding that some things have changed, but others have stayed the same, referencing a flyer from Pym’s Market found in the capsule. “To actually open it and see what is in there, have a look back and you realize some things aren’t much different. The price of ham has stayed about the same. Then, there are other things that have changed. We pulled out a VHS tape and the kids were saying, ‘what’s that?’ It was very interesting.”

Included in the time capsule was a large banner commemorating the capsule’s creation, a one-, two- and five-dollar bill and coins from 1992, as well as student letters predicting where they will be in the future, notes from teachers and plenty more.

Some of the items included in the Wellesley Public School time capsule include a $1 and a $2 bill, stories from students in 1992, a copy of a local newspaper, photos and a VHS tape of school events. [Liz Bevan / The Observer]
For Wellesley Township Mayor Joe Nowak, helping to open the capsule brought back plenty of memories.

“It is a little bit nerve-wracking opening a time capsule that you know your family actually put something in. It sort of dates you a little,” he said with a laugh. “It is certainly exciting. It was great to see. My wife had her Grade 5 class in there, and she has been busy reading the notes they put in there. We are still close with a lot of the families that can be found in the capsule. Our daughters even put stuff in there – we had one daughter in Grade 2, and another daughter that was in Grade 3 when this was happening. We had just moved down the street here. Seeing all of this stuff really brings back the memories.”

Barb Nowak taught at the school for 15 years, and was teaching Grade 5 when the capsule was put together. The letters from her class were right on top on the box, and one of the first things to come out of the capsule.

“I was so thrilled and excited to see all of this,” she said. “These names mean something to me, not just because I taught them when they were students, but some of them are my friends today. I know their parents, I was at one girl’s wedding, I remember when her children were born. That is the kind of community Wellesley is. This really is something. This is very special to me.”

The celebrations continue for the rest of the school year, with an afternoon of reminiscing on Apr. 22 at the school. Former students, staff and community members are invited to stop by, share their memories of Wellesley PS and maybe even see a few long-lost friends. More information about the 25th anniversary celebrations will be made available in the coming weeks.

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