Historical Society files their monthy reports

The monthly meeting of the Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community was held on Monday, Sept. 26th at 7 p.m. in the Edward Halter Home.

Guest speaker for the evening was Marg Drexler  who spoke on the Woolwich Township Heritage Fair to be held on Saturday, Oct. 15th from 1-4 p.m. at the Woolwich Memorial Centre in Elmira.  Their guest speaker will be Robert Shipley who will speak on “Building Styles in Woolwich and the historic factors which influenced these styles”.  The afternoon will showcase history with exhibits.  She also spoke on the 12 sites that could be “Woolwich Township Heritage Designation” in Maryhill and area – The 3 Wayside Crosses, Rectory, “Old Walled Cemetery”, St. Boniface Church, Convent, Edward Halter Home (Historical House), the 2 early hotels, (the Commercial Hotel and the previous hotel at 12 St. Charles St. W.) and the Maryhill Inn.  St. Boniface School has already been designated as a historic building.

President – Tom Schell spoke about finishing our busiest period of our board year.  Canada Day was a huge success with approximately 100 in attendance.  The Sunday Open House attendance was down this year from previous years but it was thought this was due to the hot humid weather this summer.  Heritage Day was again a huge success and a thank you to all who made this happen.

On Wednesday, Sept. 28th Tom and Ken Hanson will be speaking to the Guelph-Eramosa Heritage committee.  They want to inform their committee of the history and importance of the two wayside shrines in their jurisdiction.  Tom & Ken will also be giving a short history of the Maryhill Historical Society.

A reminder was made of the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 20th.  He is hoping all will stand for re-election in their present positions or try a new title.  Guest speaker will be Karen Ball Pyatt, Local History Librarian of the Grace Schmidt Room at the Kitchener Public Library and will speak on Soldier Information Cards.

Secretary – Ken Hanson handed out forms for recording volunteer hours.  These are due back to him by October 24.

Treasurer –  Fran Vegh was very pleased with the ticket sales for the raffle prizes.

Past President – Marlene Bruckhardt has contacted the present executive all but 3 will remain with one member accepting another position.

Archivist & Genealogy – Diane Strickler has helped Michelle Trepp (Brohman, Gehl, Kuhri, Zuber), Cara-Mae Hackettt (Meyer, Yack), Peggy Pflug (Zuber), Shirley Kruk (Schuett) , Patrick Mathieson (Berberich) Vicki Martel (Spenzler) , Graham Wisser (Wisser).

Birthday Club –  Diane Beitz reported sending 7 birthday cards this past month.

Building Maintenance – Brian Lorentz recommended that the annual maintenance of the furnace be done shortly and that two shut off valves be installed.   One in the rental unit and one for us.

Church – Mary Campagnaro was busy preparing for Heritage Day – organizing the songs by the Senior Choir, the lectors, readers, Eucharistic ministers and looking after the flowers for the altars.

Fundraising – Lee Ann Wetzel was very pleased with the amount of items received for the silent auction.  She gave a special thank you to her daughter Taylor for all her help with the spread sheet and to Ken Kurtz who helped to procure items for the silent auction.  Lee Ann along with Ken Hanson have prepared the paper work for the Ontario Trillium Fund 150 Grant Application and for the Woolwich Township Grant.

Membership –  Carol Neumann has received 2 single lifetime memberships and one couple lifetime membership.   She reported  we have a total of 327 members  (32 annual, 295 lifetime and honorary members)  Our MP. , MPP.,  Woolwich Township Mayor and Councillors for Ward 3 are ex officio members.  Carol is looking into having a banner made for the society and is searching for a travel bag as well.

Program –  Ken Kurtz has everything arranged for Fall Fun Fest. There will be  corn shelling, rope making, whiting on a “schnitelbank” etc.  There will also be an antique display along with cold and warm apple cider and cookies to enjoy.  He is hoping to have a good crowd for this event on Sunday Oct. 16th That will be a busy weekend.  On the Saturday, October 15th the Historical Society  will have a display in the Elmira Woolwich Township Heritage Fair.  Also the Genealogical Fair at the Kitchener Public Library on November 5th is fast approaching.

Doors Open was very well attended.  This is the 5th year that our church, cemetery and Edward Halter Home have been open to visitors.

Publications – Ashley Honsberger is currently working on the newsletter to go out in October.  Proxy forms will also be included.

She had printed the new and “old walled cemetery” books and she will be having more printed shortly.

Resource Centre –  Diane Strickler & Mary Ann Stroh made a poster of pictures of the new monument in the cemetery for Doors for Doors Open.  Flower beds were also worked on.

School – Mary Campagnaro updated St. Boniface school information and the two binders for 2015-2016.

Wayside Crosses  – Doug Keller had done grass cutting, trimming, and maintenance and decorated the areas around the crosses.  He also has been instrumental in getting a new cross made for the Klein cross.  Thank you also to Ken Kurtz who has been instrumental in having a new corpus made for this cross.  The Keleher and Drexler Crosses now have a plaque to recognize their history.

Website Co-ordinator – Ashley Honsberger reported because of work commitments Ken Hanson will be taking over the “Maryhill Roots” website for a short while.

Sitting – Tom Schell (president), Fran Vegh (treasurer), Marlene Bruckhart (past president), Ken Kurtz (fundraising) Standing – Ken Hanson (secretary), Mary Ann Stroh (vice-president), Carol Neumann (membership)


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