Coach has high hopes as EDSS tennis teams get set

EDSS tennis teams get set

The season hasn’t even started, but Elmira District Secondary School’s senior tennis team is in full swing.

Head coach Mark Carlin says the team, made up of four boys and four girls, has been practicing hard in anticipation of the WCSSAA competition at the Northfield Racquet Club next week.

“We have been practicing, practicing, practicing,” he said, adding that the team uses the Elmira Tennis Club courts at John Mahood Public School. “That is what we are going to be doing. More practicing. In the past, we have done some informal meets, but there is nothing on the schedule right now. We are going straight into the big show.”

The turnaround is quick for the eight team members, with CWOSSA competition just one week later. Carlin says there are a couple of events that he is very optimistic about.

“We have a decent team. I have got a full team and we actually have an overflow. We can only send eight to the tournament, but that is a nice problem to have,” he said. “We will make a good showing in the girls doubles event. That one in particular we will be focusing on. Also, the mixed doubles event. We will do well there.”

There are still a few things the team will be working on leading up to regional matches next week, but Carlin wants to keep their strategy a secret.

“I wouldn’t want that in the paper,” he said with a laugh. “We always have a few tricks up our sleeves. We have very strong teams.”

The junior tennis competition doesn’t start up until the spring, so Carlin’s focus is now on the senior team and improving on the court.

“We are looking pretty good. They are about middle of the pack in terms of their skill level, but there are still two weeks to go to whip them into shape,” he said. “The junior team from last spring was one of the strongest teams I have ever coached. The good news is that they are still juniors, so in the spring, we will have some serious talent there.”

The senior tennis team will be at the Northfield Racquet Club in Waterloo, bright and early on the morning of Oct. 7.

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