They’re not just playing a round

While hitting the links, a group of women will be learning some life lessons, perfecting their game and reconnecting at the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse.

In The Ladies Foursome, presented by Drayton Entertainment starting Aug. 10, Margot, Tate, Connie and Dory play 18 holes in honour of a friend who recently passed away, and along with some pretty funny jokes, the group reflects on their lives, and learn some new things about each other.

Gabrielle Jones plays Connie, a television news broadcaster who is a bit promiscuous, and likes to brag. Jones says the show is all about the laughs, but also has a bit of a message in it.

“The show is a real treat. There is a great deal of comedy in it,” she said ahead of the two-and-a-half week run of the show. “Norm Foster, the playwright, is the king of one-liners. There are lots of wonderful zingers. It gave us plenty of opportunity to get our comedic timing right.”

There is a serious message that audiences will take away from The Ladies Foursome, as well, she says.

“One hates to encapsulate something, but it is ultimately about forgiving yourself in order to be able to forgive others,” said Jones. “You find out a lot about these four women, the circumstances in their lives, the sacrifices that have been made and their life choices. Really, it is a very strong piece. It is one of those shows that is a comedy, but there is a lot of meat on the bone.”

Rounding out the four-person cast are Karen Wood, playing Margot, a successful business woman with issues navigating her personal relationships. Stacy Smith plays Tate, a stay-at-home mom who is having trouble accepting her life choices. Dory, a former Vegas singer turned northern Ontario inn-owner is played by actor Carmen Grant.

The Ladies Foursome has just completed a successful run at the Aquarius Theatre in Hamilton, and after receiving rave reviews from Hamilton audiences, Jones says she hopes to share the love of the show with St. Jacobs and Drayton audiences as well.

“I think they are going to have really enjoyed the humour of it. It is really, really funny and there are some revelations throughout. There is lots of information that comes out that is hinted at earlier in the show,” she said. “Certainly, if the response in Hamilton is anything to go by, it is a great show. We have had the best kind of response and comments and everything. We are excited to get another crack at it.”

Jones isn’t a golfer in her day-to-day life, but she immersed herself in the role, and took a few practice swings before hitting the stage.

“The character I play, Connie, is supposed to be a really good golfer. I only have a vague memory of a pitch and putt at some point, so I went to the indoor driving range in Welland, I live in Niagara, and I booked a session with a golf pro at the range, and just to add to the mix, I am left handed. It was really beneficial,” she said.

The Ladies Foursome starts with a matinee performance at 2 p.m. on Aug. 10 and runs until Aug. 27. Tickets start at $26 for students, and $44 for adults. They are available for purchase by calling the Drayton Entertainment box office at 1-855-372-9866 or by visiting their website at

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