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Accolades galore at EDSS awards banquet

Elmira’s high school students received recognition for their contributions to school life through various school sports and groups at last week’s awards banquet.

Student council co-chairs Ryan Bauman and Tyler Townsend emceed the banquet, passing on remarks from coaches and teachers.

Drama teacher DJ Carroll presented the Donald Hamilton Carroll Drama Award, named for his father who’s a retired teacher, principal, and superintendent.

“He was a firm believer that the arts were key to the school system. This award goes to students who have shown a love of the art, not just inside the school, but outside the school,” Carroll said.

He presented it to Audrey Gruneberg, Kurt Michael and Sarah Brown.

“Every year we go to the Sears Drama Festival. We compete with 15 to 17 other schools. It’s been 10 years since our school has brought home the coveted Stage Management Award,” Carroll said.

The award is given to a stage manager who goes above and beyond. Gruneberg won the award this year for EDSS.

Long-time service awards went to students who’ve been involved in drama productions at EDSS for numerous years. They went to Robbie Brown, Sarah Brown, Nicola Grogan, Sara Martin, Kurt Michael, Melanie McArdle, Nathaniel Johnson, Mikayla Cooper, Hannah Charlton and Cole Hickman.

Long-service crew awards went to Kayla Buckley, Audrey Gruneberg, Connor Ehrlich, Carter Hanley, Mathew Erwin and Sarah Wetteskind.

Long-service awards for senior stage combo went to Thalia Hernandez-Russell, Adyn Melenbacher, Johnny Metzger, Andy Smith and Irian Fast-Sittler.

“Magic and juggling, these students have taken Grade 10/11 drama where they learned the art of juggling, magic, and illusions. From here they not only perform at school events, but they often perform in the community,” Bauman said.

Magic and juggling long-service awards went to Robbie Brown, Mikayla Cooper, Cole Hickman and Kurt Michael.

Long-service awards for Youth in Action went to Charly Bax and Tyler Townsend, while Cassandra Tuffnail earned the outstanding leader award.

Hilltop Club long-service award recipients were Bryan Metzger, Julia Baker, Jed Martin, Emma Weber, Chantelle Weber, Briana Falkenberg and Brant McLaughlin.

Leadership awards went to Jed Martin, Julia Baker and Brant McLaughlin.

Eric Devos was named the senior boys’ volleyball MVP.

“The seniors boys’ volleyball team held their own in the always strong WCSSAA league. The hard-working, lighthearted group surprised some teams and put together a few great matches against top competition,” Bauman said,

The junior boys’ volleyball team MVP award went to Ethan Westbroek.

“The boys were great this year and they worked really hard and honestly the guys are really looking forward to next year,” Townsend said.

The senior girls volleyball MVP was Jasmine Montague.

“This year’s senior girls volleyball team had an incredible amount of young talent. Each player brought their own varied skills to the game and supported each other consistently,” Bauman said.

Sarah Allen was chosen as the junior girls’ volleyball MVP.

“Our Grade 10s improved immensely with great leadership from Sarah Allen and Natalie Mayer. We were able to compete at a high level, including finishing in first place at the Norwell Invitational Tournament in December,” Bauman said.

The junior badminton MVP went to Ian Naisby, and Jamie MacDonald picked up the senior badminton MVP award.

Tyson Palmer was awarded the junior boys’ football MVP.

“Overall the junior boys’ football team was a dedicated and hardworking group, which was certainly demonstrated through our success this year,” Bauman said.

The senior boys’ football MVP went to Joey Dynerowicz.

“The senior football team had a very successful season, going 3-3 during the regular season. … One highlight of the season was scoring the second-most points against the two-time defending champions Jacob Hespeler,” Townsend said.

Evan Rees was awarded the junior boys’ basketball MVP award.

“They grew both individually and as a team and will undoubtably make Elmira and the incoming coach Brian Carter proud during next year’s season,” Townsend said.

The senior boys’ basketball MVP went to Colin Wideman.

“This team brought it every single game, working themselves until the final whistle. … They fought for every rebound, played aggressive defense, and surprised so many teams and coaches,” Bauman said.

Hannah Gramlow received the cross country team MVP.

“The track and field team had a stellar season. We had awesome student coaches, Savannah Campbell, Owen Read and Nathaniel Mechler,” Bauman said.

John Wang posted some school records making Provincials and placing 8th. He poses with his family.

John Wang placed eighth at OFSAA in the junior boys’ 3000-metre run. Owen Read was awarded the team MVP for placing in all three of his events to advance to OFSAA West.

“The girls’ soccer team had an outstanding year. They were a tenacious and hardworking group of young women,” Bauman said.

They finished the regular season with a record of 5-0-2. The MVP went to Rachel Weber.

“Once again, the EDSS Ultimate team has made a name for itself within the region. We had proud participation from every grade level and many new players,” Bauman said.

The most spirited played award was given to Sarah Allen.

“The junior girls’ basketball team was extremely successful this year, coming in fourth at WCSSAA, with the leadership of our four Grade 10s, and some excellent development of our incoming Grade 9s,” Townsend said.

The MVP award went to Natalie Mayer.

“The senior girls’ basketball team put together an excellent season from start to finish, incorporating a group of new girls with seasoned veterans. The team came together and formed some impressive victories,” Townsend said.

Nicole Cressman received the MVP award.

The boys’ golf team MVP was given to Alex Turchan and it was noted the team qualified for CWOSSA and will be in a good position for next year.

“The field hockey team this year had a great season. The girls worked hard each and every game and improved immensely throughout the season,” Townsend said.

Cassandra Tuffnail received the MVP award.

Laura Ridge received the MVP award for the senior tennis team.

Irian Fast-Sittler was named MVP for the alpine ski team. She earned a bronze medal at CWOSSA and silver at WCSSAA, with many of the other skiers finishing just out of medal contention.

The swim team’s MVP was selected as Jordan Shantz.

“We had a great time learning how to make our strokes more efficient, do flip turns, and how to put your race face on,” Townsend said.

The girls’ hockey MVP went to Dana Colombo. The boys’ hockey MVP was Eddie Huber.

“The Lancer girls’ rugby team had their best season in years, winning six of their nine games, nearly beating Waterloo-Oxford, the second-place team in the second round of playoffs. It is a moment that will be remembered and proud of,” Townsend said.

Cassandra Tuffnail received the MVP award.

The junior tennis MVP went to Riley Demers. He and Ryan Belanger made it to the semi-finals for boys’ doubles.

Jeremy Schouppe picked up the boys’ slo-pitch MVP award.

“The boys’ slo-pitch team finished the regular season with a 6-4 record. … Connor Bauman, Colin Wideman and Jeremy Schouppe have kept us composed,” Townsend said.

For the girls, Lauren Quehl was named MVP.

“The girls’ slo-pitch team is the real deal…Each player is congratulated for their hard work and contributions to a successful season,” Townsend said.

The prestigious book club’s long-service awards went to Johnny Metzger and Gabriela Dobes.

Sadie Richmond, Shawntanna Atkinson, Quinn Young and Ally McMurray  were recognized for their success at Skills Canada this year, making it to provincials. Long-service awards went to Adam Weber, Nathan Horst, Nathan Hergott, Chad Martin, Walker Schott, Connor Gerber and Caleb Reitzel.

“The Reach for the Top team did very well, advancing to the semi-finals before losing to the eventual winners of the tournament,” Townsend said.

Long-service awards went to Johnny Metzger, Thalia Hernandez-Russell, Adyn Melenbacher and Lindsay Glofcheskie.

Long-service awards for Mathletes went to Savannah Campbell, Lindsay Glofcheskie, Adyn Melenbacher, Johnny Metzger, Tyler Moser and Jeff Talbot.

DECA long-service awards went to Charly Bax, Cassie Martin, Marissa Ruppert and McKayla Wilkins.

Best Buddies long-service awards went to Julia Baker, Mhari Reid and Jordan Shantz.

“The students recognized here this evening have been incredibly kind and have had generous hearts and their contributions and maturity and happiness of the Life Skills students here at EDSS will be sorely missed,” Bauman said.



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