Maryhill Historical Society Meeting
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Maryhill Historical Society Meeting

The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community held their monthly meeting on Monday October 26th at 7:00 the Edward Halter Home.

President Marlene Bruckhart shared the thank you notes that were received from people who were honoured on Heritage Day.

ARCHIVES & GENEALOGY – Diane Strickler
She has helped someone looking into the Wisser family and helped another person looking for information on when electricity came to (New Germany) Maryhill.

Diane reported she had sent 15 birthday cards during the past month.

He will be removing the baseboard heaters inside the Edward Halter Home as they are not in use anymore.

CHURCH – Mary Campagnaro, Diane Strickler, Mary Ann Stroh
Work is now completed in the Old Walled Cemetery – 96 names have been presented to the St. Boniface Cemetery Committee and have been sent on to have their names engraved on the large monument.
Lualia Adams , Johanna Allgeier, Christian Baumann, Joseph Berberich, Lorenz Beitz, Magdalena Beingessner, George Binder, Rosalia Bitschey , Brohman Boy, Hugo Brohman, Magdalen Brohman, Bertha Brohmann, Bruder Girl, Henry Diemert, John Drexler, Elizabeth Dudei, Magdalena Forma, Maria Fischer, Katherina Fisher, Maria Anna Frank, Maria Magdalena Frank, Mathilda Frank, Catherine Fromm, Mathias Gabel, John Gehl, Henry Goetz, Laurentius Goetz, Mary Goetz, Andrew Klein, Elizabeth Knoepfler, Baby Kurtz, Gottleib Kurtz, Agnes Lauli, Frank Lehman, Gottlieb Lehman, Joseph Lehman, Theresia Lehman, Henry Lehmann, Joseph Lehmann, Elizabeth Martin, Walburga Martin, Joseph Raiter, Andrew Reinhard, Martin Reinhart, Mary Ann Reinhard, Theresa Reinhart , George Rellinger, Louisa Rellinger, Regina Roemer, Mary Roth, Alfred Schell, Catherine Schell, Edward Schelly, Anton Scherer, Elisabeth Scherer, Magdalena Schohn, Ida Schuett, Mary Schuett, William Schuett, Magdalena Seitz, Michael Seitz, Wilhelm Seitz,
Felix Shumacker, Catherine Siety, Maria Stieger, Andrew Weiler, Anton Weiler, Antonia Weiler, Elizabeth Weiler, Ignatius Weiler, Jacob Weiler, Joseph Wendling, Mary Wilhelm, Gertrude Zettel, Lucas Zettel, Johanna Zettwuch, Albin Zinger, Alois Zinger, Chrisostimus Zinger, Louis Zinger, Maria Zinger, Maria Anna Zinger, Karl Ludwig Zuber.
These are stones that broken and need repair. Because there are no funds for this endeavour one large monument will be put in the cemetery with names entered on it. So many need cleaning and many of the iron crosses also need looking after.

FUNDRAISING – Lee Ann Wetzel
The draw took place on Sunday, Sept. 27th at the Heritage Day celebration. The Play Station 4 game system was won by Margaret Beitz, second prize which was money was won by Shirley Caddick and third prize of money was won by Rose Lehmann. There were a total of 43 items on the silent auction and this was well received. The day was a huge success.

During this past month she received 4 new lifetime memberships, 10 annual and 1 year renewal and noted that 1 member has passed away.

The Fall newsletter has been printed and hand delivered with the proxy forms included. Amendments to the constitution were also included in this mailing to 240 members and emailed to 65 members. She is currently working on the draft for the annual calendar and printed for the Annual General Meeting. She will be also working on the winter newsletter shortly.

PROGRAM – Ken Kurtz
Fall Harvest Day was well attended considering the cold weather with 40 people enjoying the artifacts on display outside and the 4-H display inside. The apples, hot apple cider and cookies were a welcomed treat.

RESOURCE CENTRE – Diane Strickler / Mary Ann Stroh
Mary Ann made the 4-H display board and set up in the chapel. Diane updated Historical Society information for the Region of Waterloo.

SCHOOL – Mary Campagnaro
School Fundraiser was held on Saturday, Oct. 24th at Breslau Community Centre. New school in Breslau to open in September 2018.

He has covered the 3 wayside shrines and they are now ready for winter.

WEBSITE – Suzy Motz
Visitors to the Maryhillroots website were January – 322, February – 260, March – 293, April – 268, May- 299, June – 266, July 260, August 284, September 380, and as of October 22nd 260. She has also answered or forward to other executive members 9 email’s needing information.

Vice president Tom Schell reviewed the new slate of officers for 2016 that will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 22nd at the Maryhill Community Centre at 2 p.m. The agenda for that day was also reviewed by all attending and a schedule for that day has been set up. Guest speaker will be Marion Roes who is a local historian and author. Tom also handed out a list of potential meeting dates for 2016. These dates were reviewed and adjusted.

Discussion took place regarding summer Open House dates and times.

Secretary Ken Hanson has asked all committee members to send him their reports and volunteer hours as soon as possible.

Tom Schell presented Marlene Bruckhardt with a gavel and thanked her for her dedication to the Maryhill Historical Society.

A little more local for your inbox.

Seven days. One newsletter. Local reporting about people and places you
won't find anywhere else. Stay caught up with The Observer This Week.

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