Lots of laughs as couple airs their Sexy Laundry


After 25-years of marriage, Henry and Alice Lane are in a rut.

The stresses of work, bills and raising children have taken a toll, and their relationship is nearing the brink.

But armed with a copy of Sex for Dummies and a reservation at a swanky hotel, Alice is ready to take one last shot at reigniting the passion the couple once felt.

With a suitcase full of lingerie and a reluctant Henry in tow, Alice goes all out for love in Drayton Entertainment’s new comedy Sexy Laundry, the creation of Vancouver playwright Michele Riml that begins a run September 8 at  the Schoolhouse Theatre in St. Jacobs.

“Sexy Laundry is about Alice and Henry Lane and they’ve been married 25-years and they’ve reached a plateau in their relationship, you might say,” explains director J. Sean Elliott, who previously helmed the show out in Calgary. “It’s hard to picture, I know. But you know they’ve got kids and they are about to head off to school. And so Alice gets this great idea that she is going to take Henry to a very chic new hotel in town. She brings along a copy of Sex for Dummies, and she wants to get Henry to try some of the exercises.”

Unfortunately, that’s really not Henry’s cup of tea and a hilarious back and forth between the Lanes ensues.

“They have been together since high school or college so they aren’t particularly worldly, when it comes to some of the things they read about in the book,” Elliott said with a laugh. “That’s really what creates the tension, and it’s a lot of fun to watch them bicker.”

And while the show is “95 per cent” comedy, there are some dramatic moments, Elliott notes.

“It all leads to some revelations about their marriage along the way and whether or not they can work it out. They’re in crisis and as far as Alice is concerned, this is their last chance. She is putting everything on this weekend. It’s now or never. And I think a lot of people can relate to it.”

The actors – Gabrielle Jones plays Alice while Sheldon Davis portrays Henry – have really captured the spirit of the story, Elliott added.

“They are a pair of dream actors as far as I’m concerned. Gabrielle Jones is a superb actor and she’s worked for years and years at the Shaw Festival and the Stratford Festival and she was in Mamma Mia in Toronto; she’s been everywhere. She’s a marvelous actor and a marvelous comedian as well. She really gets it. And Sheldon Davis is also such a pro. He’s been everywhere and he is so funny and has a lot of heart.”

While the duo had never met before being cast, they hit it off during the rehearsal process and it really shows on stage, Elliott said.

“They are such wonderful actors, it is really a pleasure to watch them work and it’s so much fun. It’s just a great afternoon or evening out.”

Sexy Laundry plays the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre September 8 to December 20. Tickets are available online at www.draytonfestivaltheatre.com, in person at the theatre box office, or by calling (519) 638-5555 or  toll-free at 1-855-DRAYTON (372-9866).