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Watch for stream of Triumphs in St. Jacobs next weekend

Cars on display at last year’s event.

Some 30 cars from the Triumph Motor Company will make their way to St. Jacobs next weekend as the Toronto Triumph Club prepares for its Classic Car Show, with vintage automobiles stretching back in age to 1953. Though the Triumph company has been out of commission since 1984, collectors are still restoring and driving their product: it’s clear the cars strike a chord for some automotive enthusiasts.

“I think they were the last of the basic British sports car,” said Terence McKillen, a member of the club’s executive committee. “What people like about them is their performance, and their design – most of the design looks quite good even by today’s standards. You can sometimes look at one of these cars and scratch your head and say, ‘It looks like it was built a few years ago.’”

Cars on display at last year's event.
Cars on display at last year’s event.

He continued, “They’re all made from pre-electronic parts, and therefore the unsophisticated amateur mechanic can still work on these cars and keep them in good shape. You don’t need computer electronics and all that stuff.”

The Toronto Triumph Club currently boasts some 350-400 members, and the car show offers collectors a chance to show off their wheels.

“Our goal is to try to keep those cars alive and working – not just for being put in a museum but actually to be drivable,” said McKillen. “If you keep them in good order, they can go on the 401 with modern traffic.”

The Triumph Club traditionally holds its Classic Car Show in Ontario towns and cities, but this 28th event marks the first time the event will be held in the Waterloo Region. “We were just looking for somewhere where we hadn’t been before,” said McKillen.

The club will organize a drive from Toronto to Waterloo on Friday, entering through the northeast via St. Jacobs. On Saturday, July 6, the lineup of cars will be viewable in St. Jacobs’ Riverside Meadows Park, with judging taking place between 10 a.m. and noon in two competitions.

And, on Saturday and Sunday, the club will drive through Woolwich, Wellesley, and Wilmot townships, as well as Elora, Fergus, the Forks of the Credit area, and through West Montrose’s covered bridge.

While these driving events are limited to the registered Triumph owners, the public is welcome to attend the Saturday morning competition, and talk to owners and enthusiasts about all things vehicular.

“Everybody enjoys talking about their car and showing it off, and people shouldn’t feel shy about approaching and talking and asking questions. I think everyone will be willing to share their enthusiasm,” said McKillen.

“I mean, everyone loves to talk about their baby.”

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