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Friday, February 21, 2020

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On the road in New Hamburg for the only game of the week, Jacks fall in OT to the Firebirds

Heading to neighbouring New Hamburg September 28 for their lone game of the week, the Wellesley Applejacks fought the home team to a near...
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U.S. edges out Canada in national para hockey battle

In the natural on-ice rivalry between Canada and the U.S., the American para hockey team has had the...

Federal funding to boost dementia research in Waterloo Region

An aging population and growing number of dementia cases have health researchers working on numerous fronts, from medical...

Judgment day for seven local maple syrup operators

And the winner is ... well, that’s still a secret. The winning entrant vying...

The finance industry always extracts its ounce of flesh

More than half of Canadians won’t be contributing to an RRSP this year, apparently immune to the exhortations...

The View From Here: February 20, 2020

The sap may not be running, but there's plenty of syrup on hand in these parts...