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Thursday, December 12, 2019


Free trade deal isn’t quite a Christmas miracle for farmers

Not to take anything away from the original Christmas miracle, but the one that happened earlier this week in Mexico City when Canada,...

Survey: Canadians less connected than ever to farmers

The new federal minister of agriculture and food is being handed perhaps the most paradoxical portfolio in the country.

Here’s what’s keeping farmers up at night

When it comes to agriculture and food, one of consumers’ biggest concerns is cost. Research has shown...

The electorate needs to know farmers are also pro-environment

In these early days after the federal election, there’s a continuous line of fingers wagging at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, telling him he...

Farmers’ mental health getting attention this Thanksgiving

Farmers’ mental health challenges are getting more recognition this Thanksgiving season than ever before … and not a minute too soon.

Farm and food tour shows local food momentum keeps growing

Participation in this year’s Taste Real – Fall Rural Romp shows how farm visits are gaining momentum with an authenticity-starved public.

Spreading the word about the agri-food industry

If you are what you eat, than it’s fair to say many Canadians don’t know all that much about themselves. Over the last century,...

Weather has some crops down, but not out

The wet, cool weather that defined the spring and early summer have taken somewhat of a toll on crops, even here in the region. The...
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Jolly ol’ Saint Nick rolls into Elmira

The Elmira Kiwanis Santa Claus Parade saw people line Arthur Street Saturday...

Efforts to clear snow from roads sees fines rise

Already out ticketing cars parked on streets between 4 and 9 a.m., Woolwich will ban parking on...

Woolwich council moves to develop a vision for downtown Elmira

Intending to develop a planning framework that will encourage businesses to invest in the Elmira core, Woolwich...

Province boosts funding to police to increase RIDE programs

The Ontario government this week announced it will provide $2.4 million in funding through its Reduce Impaired...

Woolwich looks to widen scope of on-farm business operations

Relaxed on-farm business policies adopted by the province have Woolwich looking to change its official plan and...

Wellesley Lions honour late member

Members of the Wellesley & District Lions Club gathered Sunday to honour one of their own, dedicating...