February 18, 2021

  • Wellesley takes a step towards new multi-use facility
  • Woolwich looking to bring illegal on-farm businesses into compliance
  • LGBTQ2+ organizations to receive $280K in federal funding
  • Numbers down as region emerges from lockdown
  • Region seeks more equitable treatment for small business
  • Woolwich webinar tackles issues of diversity and inequality
  • Province postpones March Break to mid-April
  • Elmira Theatre Company stays dark
  • Wellesley council split over approval of breeding kennel
  • Guelph man arrested following human trafficking investigation
  • Editorial: Gun control is a national issue, not one for municipalities
  • U.S. still bungling Iran nuclear deal
  • When it comes to democracy, we may not be headed in right direction
  • A little history lesson about how the ice hut was born
  • Region sees economic boon in new carrier when pandemic starts to recede
  • Channeling the King through the pandemic
  • Vaccine rollout remains slow as region plans for wider distribution

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