May 5, 2022 - OBSERVER

May 5, 2022

  • Breaking new ground
  • Making Woolwich greener, one sapling at a time
  • EDSS students making connections with long-term care residents
  • Wellesley approves historical plaques for three sites
  • Officials stress the need to be prepared for all types of emergencies
  • Kings defeat Stratford to advance, now face Cambridge in conference finals
  • Waterloo Regional Police launch improved resource for victims of intimate partner violence, with new website content
  • Editorial: Bringing issue of sexual assault out into the light
  • The passing of Guy Lafleur sparks memories of glory days past
  • Calls for improved building code standards are all about going green
  • Wellesley citizens raising concerns about fossil fuels in the design of the new rec. centre
  • How to get a head in the art world
  • Getting old doesn’t have to be scary, says specialist

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