July 14, 2022 - OBSERVER

July 14, 2022

  • Jakobstettel building ready to receive guests
  • Roger L. Martin, corporate guru, has advice for these times
  • Group pushes for changes to farming practices to combat climate change
  • A newcomer to the sport, EDSS player named to Ontario team heading to NB
  • Fair ambassador encourages others to run for the job
  • Waterloo Regional Police launch annual backpack challenge
  • Editorial: Economic woes are global, but governments can take action
  • Hand-wringing, but will there be action following internet outage?
  • Overlaying the digital atop a real-world setting
  • Visit to cottage country returns to the stage
  • Hot dog, it’s that time again at Grand River Raceway
  • An artistic ode to the covered bridge

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