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Last updated on April 30, 2017

About Us

The Observer is an independent Community Newspaper serving Woolwich and Wellesley Townships. Located in Elmira, Ontario Canada. The Observer is a division of Cathedral Communications Inc. founded in 1996.

The Observer is a member of the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA).

The Observer is a member of the National News Media Council, a voluntary regulatory organization that deals with journalistic practices and ethical behaviour. If you have an unresolved complaint about news stories, opinion columns or photo please visit our website at or call 1-844-877-1163.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Find Us in Elmira

The Observer
20-B Arthur Street North,
Elmira, Ontario  N3B 1H2

Tel: 519.669.5790
Fax: 519.669.5753
Toll Free: 1-888-966-5942


Office Hours:
Monday                8:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday               8:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday         8:00am – 4:00pm
Thursday             8:30am – 5:00pm
Friday                  8:30am – 3:00pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Last updated on July 7, 2017

How We Serve Our Community

Our Mission:

The Observer’s mandate is to inform, engage and educate its audience on the communities we cover both in print and online. In a world awash of news, The Observer provides essential information of interest to our local communities that meets and exceeds the needs of our readers. It continually strives to stay ahead of the curve in its presentation and coverage.

Written by professional journalists, it is firmly committed to rewarding readers for their time. Our unique coverage and vision of community news has secured us numerous awards, ranking among the top community newspapers in Canada. It’s no surprise that our local advertising partners continue to support community news — the results speak for themselves. A well-read newspaper is a successful one, that has been our driving force since inception.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Experience Working For You

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Last updated on July 7, 2017

A Brief History of The Observer

There was no shortage of historical milestones in 1996. It was a leap year with big expectations. 1996 was the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty – no easy feat.

There were plenty of debuts in the early part of the year leading up to the creation of The Observer. The first clamshell flip phone (Motorola StarTAC) goes on sale. The first genetically modified foods hit grocery shelves. The first surface photos of Pluto are captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. RENT opens off-broadway, Tupac Shakur releases “All Eyez On Me”, Howard Stern premieres on radio and Shawn Michaels beats Brett Hart for the WWF title in Wrestlemania XII.

The events of 1996 were the foundation for what would become one of the best community newspapers in Canada, and it would be created in Elmira, Ontario.

The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is world renowned. It’s now a Guinness Book Record Holder as the World’s Largest One-Day Maple Syrup Festival. In 1996, they were preparing to celebrate their 32nd year, and The Observer was preparing to make their debut at the Festival.

After a successful launch, the plan was to publish weekly. We had a few deficiencies in our plan: no budget, no bankroll, no long-term advertising contracts and only three people to cover the news, sell and create ads and produce the newspaper. Youthful spirit and a drive to succeed didn’t present too many opportunities for second thought. Failure wasn’t an option. The enormity of what we would eventually accomplish with The Observer can only be comprehended after reflecting the two decades it took to get to where we are now. We’re looking for many more years of serving our communities.

More than ever before, independent, trusted community journalism is vital to our democracy. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. When we reflect over the course of our own history, one thing hasn’t changed. The spirit in serving our community.

The Observer is an independent community weekly newspaper owned by Joe and Patrick Merlihan.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Investing in Community

We’ve heard it plenty of times. “I don’t need to advertise because everybody knows me.” In the past decade Woolwich Township has experienced a 25 per cent population boost – the largest growth in Waterloo Region. Plenty of new people moving from urban cities have joined the community and they don’t know about you, your business and where you are located. If you are not actively trying to reach new members of our community other businesses are and they will see the benefits of that effort.

This is one area your local newspaper has a distinct advantage over all other marketing opportunities. What better way for new people to find out about the new place they now call home? The community newspaper of course! A good newspaper is a reflection of the community they serve. There is no other resource on the planet that can get new residents up to speed on Woolwich and Wellesley Township than The Observer.

The Observer attracts readership that is reflective of our community with exclusive information to inform residents. Public notices by both municipalities use The Observer to advertise to their constituents with frequency. The Observer is the home to local Auction Listings which are extremely popular in our our rural communities. Looking for a new home, want to tour an open house or curious how the local home market is doing? Real Estate Brokers depend on The Observer to get the word out. The Observer has a healthy Classified section, a Church Directory, Community Calendar and a weekly local chef-inspired recipe column. The Observer was recently recognized for having one of the best Sports sections in Ontario along with another handful of editorial, advertising and website accolades.

The point is, The Observer reflects the community it serves and in turn has a loyal and engaged readership. Our advertisers can depend on consistent results from reaching out to our audience who are just as eager to learn about your business.


Last updated on July 7, 2017

What We've Learned

Talking to your audience at the right times and in the right places is key to successful marketing. Create a plan through research. Where is the audience you want to attract and what is the most effective way to reach it? Your ad planning should remain flexible and open to new creative approaches.

The Observer staff know this market better than anyone. Here are a few things we’ve picked up along the way that we’ll call “The Guiding Principles of Advertising.”

  1. Approach ad buying with your goal in mind. Is your goal strategic to set your company up for long term success? Or is this a tactical purchase focusing on a short term solution to market an event? Know your goal and adjust your plan to suit.
  2. Consistency is key. When it comes to branding your business, your goal should be a design that is immediately recognizable. Frequency of your message is very important. You want to be talking to your audience at the right times and often.
  3. Focus. There are plenty of options available to market your business. Your goals and budget will help decide which media to choose. Experiment only if your budget can afford it. Stretching a limited budget across multiple medias will water down your message.
  4. Be creative. Use advertising to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotions and change the way people think. It’s important to craft the message to get people to take action, build your brand and plant a belief in the minds of shoppers.
Last updated on July 7, 2017

The Original Social Media

We are “the original social media. We like to think that “word-of-mouth” starts in The Observer. The everyday conversations between neighbours in the communities we cover start with “did you see that article in the Observer?” 

In the past two decades plenty has changed in all our lives with the advent of digital and social media platforms. The disruption of this new technology has had some pretty chilling effects for print journalism, radio, and television. Those disruptions experienced at large publicly-traded media corporations have not translated to those of us delivering 100 per cent local news. We continue to experience growth and plan for additional growth as the initial wave of digital-only marketing is transitioning back to traditional media.

Word-of-mouth, social media, posters tacked onto a board at the grocery store is certainly one way to promote your services to the general public. Other than your time, it’s relatively inexpensive in the hope that someone will stumble upon what you post or that people will pass along positive recommendations. If you’re offering professional services, retailing, or just want to see growth for your business then these methods should only supplement how you engage the public.

We use social media to drive traffic to our website. We post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Google+. The results we get from social media do not inspire us to invest more in a mode that does not do a very good job at capturing our local market. We invest more resources into our social media endeavour than many small businesses and we can’t keep up. There are just so many more social networks that continue to pop up that it further fragments how you can reach your audience online. As the digital landscape has already peaked, public fascination is waning.

We have seen a lot of businesses come and go in the past two decades. Very few of the businesses that implemented a Facebook only marketing program are here to tell you about their success. Facebook algorithms change constantly and what most business owners don’t realize is that they may be only reaching 5 per cent of their followers on any given post. To come close to the reach of the Observer’s circulation, it will cost more than a $1000.00 to get a similar number of eyeballs on Facebook.

The biggest challenge with using social media is trust. Three quarters of Canadians trust ads in newspapers compared to 24 per cent on social media. Seven out of ten adults completely trust news from newspapers but only 15 per cent trust news posted on social media. There are plenty of stats available about how Canadians feel about what they see on social media — and it wouldn’t inspire you to place your total trust and your livelihood, in the hands of social media.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

The Observer Has You Covered

The Observer has been delivered to local mailboxes for over two decades. Our readers are eager to get their hands on copies to keep up with the 100% local news coverage provided by professional journalists. The Observer is the highlight of a thick package of sought after flyers that residents also enjoy thumbing through.

Home delivery isn’t the only option for residents to engage with us. Honour boxes and pickup stops in more than 45 locations throughout Woolwich, Wellesley and Waterloo give the Observer presence and easy access for all.

The Observer is also available online with an active website updated throughout the week. An extensive archive of our back issues going back a decade are available whenever they are needed. Just another opportunity for people to engage and see your advertising.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Observer Coverage Area

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Deliver Your Flyer with the News

Press Run = 16,600 / week  |  Publishing Day = Thursday

Cost: $60.00 / thousand inserts
No discounting.

Booking: 2 weeks in advance

  • Minimum 1 complete zone must be booked. (See Flyer Zones below)
  • First insert/flyer booking must be prepaid.
  • Insert/flyer must be booked with sales representative prior to shipping to our distribution centre.

Insert/Flyer Policy: A minimum two weeks advance booking is required. Inserts/flyers must be delivered to our distribution centre — the centre’s address will be provided upon booking. Inserts/flyers delivered to our office will be assessed an extra minimum charge of $50. Insert/flyer dimensions of delivered product must not exceed 9”x12” in size. Inserts/flyers that require folding will be subject to a $45/1000 charge and risk non-delivery of product. All inserts/flyers are pre-inserted into a package that is delivered within our market coverage area Thursdays and Fridays.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Insert / Flyer Zoning

ZonesFlyers RequiredCoverage Area
Distribution of flyer package is Thursday and Friday delivery.
All Zones15,700Complete home delivery distribution
Zone 14,600Elmira, Elmira RR’s,
Floradale & Wallenstein
Zone 26,800St. Jacobs, Conestogo, Breslau, West Montrose, Winterbourne, Heidelberg, Bloomingdale, Maryhill, Waterloo
Zone 34,300Wellesley, St. Clements, Linwood, Heidelberg

Last updated on July 7, 2017

The Market Leader in Advertising

The Observer is the only community newspaper serving the residents and businesses in Woolwich and Wellesley Townships in the Region of Waterloo. We are the only source (in print and online) of complete local news coverage, local sports, municipal advertising, real estate and auction listings and essential information that bridges the connection between all of the communities we cover. A local trusted news source is more essential than ever before. Businesses have overwhelmingly supported the Observer for over two decades because they continue to get amazing results. Put us to work for you and reach out to a loyal and engaging readership in Woolwich, Wellesley and Waterloo.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Knowing What Happens When

Ad TypeDeadline
Booking your advertising well in advance of the posted deadlines is preferable. We do our best to accommodate late bookings. Call us in advance if you need extra time.
Display AdsTuesdays by 5:00 pm
Classified AdsWednesdays by 10:00 am
Family AlbumWednesdays by 10:00 am
Flyers / InsertsTwo weeks advance booking required.
The Observer is published every Thursday. Home delivery of flyer package occurs Thursday-Friday. Honour boxes are filled by noon on Thursdays.
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Modular Ad Sizes

Ad SizesCostDiscountsColour Rate
All prices listed are per insertion. Please refer to our volume discount policy for discount rates. Posted rates are all plus HST. Rates subject to change without notice.
Sixteenth$8410% .......... $75.60
15% .......... $71.40
20% .......... $67.20
Eighth$16410% .......... $147.60
15% .......... $139.40
20% .......... $131.20
Banner$19910% .......... $179.10
15% .......... $169.15
20% .......... $159.20
Quarter$30710% .......... $276.30
15% .......... $260.95
20% .......... $245.60
Third$40010% .......... $360.00
15% .......... $340.00
20% .......... $320.00
Half$53110% .......... $477.90
15% .......... $451.35
20% .......... $424.80
Two-Third$76810% .......... $691.20
15% .......... $652.80
20% .......... $614.40
Full$100510% .......... $904.50
15% .......... $854.25
20% .......... $804.00
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Saving Money With Annual Planning

10% Min. 7 ads | 15% Min. 15 ads | 20% Min. 20 ads | 12% Recognized not-for-profit

Volume Discount Policy | Based on a minimum ad booking within a 12 month time frame from the date of first ad booking. Discounts are not automatic and are subject to approval and terms. Volume rate based on percentage of regularly priced advertising. Rates are subject to change without notice. Some advertising is not eligible for discounts. Discuss potential discounts with your sales representative.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Dimensions and Templates

Ad SizesDimensionsTemplates
Dimensions are for all modular ad sizes available in the Observer.
Sixteenth2 columns: 3.3”w X 2.4”hACRO_Logo Download
Eighth2 columns: 3.3”w X 5”h
3 columns: 5.0375”w X 3.3”h
4 columns: 6.78”w X 2.4”h
ACRO_Logo Download
Banner6 columns: 10.25”w X 2.25”hACRO_Logo Download
Quarter2 columns: 3.3”w X 10.25”h
3 columns: 5.0375”w X 6.8”h
4 columns: 6.78”w X 5”h
6 columns: 10.25”w X 3.3”h
ACRO_Logo Download
Third2 columns: 3.3”w X 13.75”h
3 columns: 5.0375”w X 9.15”h
4 columns: 6.78”w X 6.8”h
6 columns: 10.25”w X 4.4”h
ACRO_Logo Download
Half3 columns: 5.0375”w X 13.75”h
4 columns: 6.78”w X 10.3”h
6 columns: 10.25”w X 6.8”h
ACRO_Logo Download
Two-Third4 columns: 6.78”w X 13.75”h
6 columns: 10.25”w X 9.15”h
ACRO_Logo Download
Full6 columns: 10.25”w X 13.75”hACRO_Logo Download
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Get An Instant Quote

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Maximum Exposure

Please call sales representative for availability. No Volume Discounts.
Front Cover Banner$38510.25"w X 2.25"hIncluded
Masthead Banner$35010.25"w X 1.25"hIncluded
Page 3 Banner$24010.25"w X 2.25"hBlack & White only
Double Truck Centre Spread$220021.25"w X 13.75Included
Last updated on July 7, 2017

In Season Advertising

Seasonal features and collaboration with like-minded businesses go hand-in-hand. Take advantage of seasonal market expectations and give your marketing dollars clout with the right timing. Kick up your seasonal sales with full-colour advertising features.

All feature ads include colour. See feature calendar below.
Sixteenth$1092.18"w X 2.46"h
Eighth$1984.65"w X 2.46"h
Quarter$3494.65"w X 5.2"h
Half$5459.6"w X 5.2"h
Full$9759.6"w X 10.7"h
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Season Features Ad Calendar

MonthAd Features
January• Happy New Year
• Brand New You Feature
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
February• Bridal Feature
• Valentine’s Feature
• Financial Feature
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
March• Elmira Maple Syrup Festival
• Farm Safety
• Drayton Farm Show
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
April• Spring Car Care
• Minor Hockey Yearbook
• Grillin’ Time
• National Volunteer Week
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
May• Spring Home & Garden Feature
• Summer Activities
• Bicycle Safety Sponsor
• Mother’s Day
• Don’t Drink & Drive
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
June• Grillin’ Time
• June Is Seniors Month
• Home & Garden Feature
• Canada Day Event Sponsor
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
July• Farm Safety
• Home & Garden feature
• Buy Fresh Buy Local Feature
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
August• Elmira Sidewalk Sale
• Emergency Preparedness
• All About the Kids Feature
• Back To School Safety Sponsor
• Rural Connections
September• Fall Home & Garden
• National Trucking Week Feature
• Farm Safety
• Terry Fox Run
• Wellesley Apple Butter & Cheese Festival
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
October• Fall Home & Garden
• Fire Prevention Week Sponsor
• Remembrance Day Sponsor
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
November• Winter Car Care
• Elmira Moonlight Madness
• Santa Claus Parade Sponsor
• Elmira & Linwood • Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
December• Gift Ideas Features
• Boxing Week feature
• Christmas Greetings
• Don’t Drink & Drive sponsor
• Elmira & Linwood Blood Donor Clinic
• Rural Connections
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Small Ads With Huge Impact

The Observer classified section is well read and is the home for local job hunters and bargain hunters. Word ads are effective and economical, while display ads will give your business brand maximum attention.

AdCostExtra WordsDeadline
Classified display ad pricing is based on an 8 column page. All classified display ads are priced at the open line rate of $1.05 / agate line. Call or email for a quote.
Commercial Word Ad$12.00 / 20 words30¢ / wordWednesday by 10am
Personal Word Ad$7.50 / 20 words20¢ / wordWednesday by 10am
Classified Display Ad$1.05 / agate linen/aTuesdays by 5pm
Last updated on July 7, 2017

There When You Are Needed

Keeping your business in the public eye as much as possible is just a solid business practice. If you offer services to the public the Observer Service Directory is the best and most economical way of getting in front of people through home-delivered community news.

See Service Directory Policy below. No other discounts apply.
Single Directory$25 / insertion1.0625w X 2.3"h
Double Directory$40 / insertion2.375"w X 2.3"h
Triple Directory$55 / insertion3.6875"w X 2.3"h
Quadruple Directory$70 / insertion5"w X 2.3"h

Service Directory Policy | A minimum booking of 4 consecutive weeks required. All Service Directory ads are run TFN (‘til further notice). By placing ad, the advertiser agrees to call to cancel ad run with sales representative. Ads are black and white only.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Trust In The Professionals

AdCostColumn InfoDeadline
Call your sales representative for a quote.
Real Estate Display Ads70¢ / agate lineBased on 6 columns. Must conform to either 2, 4, or 6 columns.Tuesdays by 5pm
Auction Display Ads70¢ / agate lineBased on 8 columns.Tuesdays by 5pm
Last updated on July 7, 2017

What's Your Story?

Call Donna Rudy at 519-669-5790 ext 104 for more information and details to book an advertorial feature ad.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

A Monthly Agriculture Feature

Raising the profile of agriculture is the goal of Rural Connections, a special monthly section of The Observer. Stories and columns will reflect country living, new ventures and new research from the agriculture sector. Making the ag connection for our readers gives them perspective in what is involved getting food to their plates.

Consult our sales representatives to book an ad and get the publishing schedule. Rates are for a 12 month committment, includes full colour and a discount is built into the price.

Prices include full colour. Discounts do not apply. All rates plus HST.
Sixteenth$1003.3"w X 2.4"h
Eighth$1805.0375"w X 3.3"h
Quarter$3005.0375"w X 6.8"h
10.25"w X 3.3"h
Half$5505.0375"w X 13.75"h
10.25"w X 6.8"h
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Be A Great Corporate Citizen

The value of association is often understated. Businesses that are seen to give back to their communities reap the benefits. A little goes a long way and there are plenty of organizations helping the community that can use the support to get the message out.

Available Sponsorship Features:

• Blood Donor Clinics
• Volunteer Week
• Canada Day
• Terry Fox Run
• Santa Claus Parade
• Don’t Drink & Drive
• Farm Safety
• Bicycle Safety
• Back-to-school Safety
• Fire Prevention Week
• Remembrance Day

Ads are black and white only. No discounting available.
Single Sponsor$502.3"w X 1.4"h
Double Sponsor$852.3"w X 3"h
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Advertising On

Enhance your print advertising with our companion online publication Judged one of the best news portals in Ontario and Canada (see awards) — let ObserverXtra drive traffic to your website or social media. We’re offering another opportunity to brand your business with our readers beyond the traditional coverage area. Exclusive online content, archives, breaking news, and much more. Inexpensive monthly plans to get started will enhance your print buy.

Ad TypeSpecificationDescriptionCost
Leaderboard728px X 90px• ad rotation
• .jpg, .gif, .png
• link to website or social media
• artwork can change monthly
• static design included. Animation must be supplied
$50 / month
Medium Rectangle300px X 250px• ad rotation
• .jpg, .gif, .png
• link to website or social media
• artwork can change monthly
• static design included. Animation must be supplied
$30 / month
Half Page300px X 600px• ad rotation
• .jpg, .gif, .png
• link to website or social media
• artwork can change monthly
• static design included. Animation must be supplied
$50 / month
1920px X 1080px• maximum exposure
• .jpg, .gif, .png
• link to website or social media
• template required
$99 / 14 days
Last updated on July 7, 2017

Acceptable Artwork Guidelines

Supported Digital File Formats



File Preparation | Newsprint

  • Newspaper printed at 100 line screen
  • Halftone images: 200 resolution .tif or .jpg
  • Lineart images: 600 dpi .tif or .jpg
  • Please prepare images accounting for a 30% dot gain when printing on newsprint. Adjusting images slightly lighter than expected will produce more optimal results.
  • Low-resolution web images or poor-quality images will be replaced with a suitable graphic. We want your ad to look at its best so it will perform at its best!
  • There should be no colour elements in black and white advertising.

Technical Assistance:

We’re always available to help. Call or email during regular office hours and we will get you the assistance you need.

Advertising design is included in the price of the space for advertising should you require our services. Our graphics department can find the perfect graphic to illustrate and bring attention to your advertising message.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Digital Ad Delivery Made Easy

Drag and Drop your files (up to 10GB) and they’ll be securely delivered to the Observer.


Last updated on July 7, 2017

Working With The Observer

We know what its like to run a small business because we are one too. We can relate to the struggles, pitfalls and tight budgets in running a successful operation all while keeping an eye on the prize. We work with small businesses across the Region and we know that time has significant value to all of us. We keep the fine print, the in-your-face hard sales calls and disruptive time-wasting chit chat to a minimum (unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing).

We love working with small businesses and helping get your message to the masses. We have developed a few policies over the past two decades that we’d like you to be aware of. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Conditions of Advertising

  1. All advertising is accepted subject to the Publisher’s discretion at all times.
  2. Advertiser assumes responsibility for unauthorized use of name, photograph, image, device, or word protected by copyright or registered trademark.
  3. Any design, artwork or typesetting supplied by The Observer is copyright The Observer for the exclusive use by the Publisher. Any other use not authorized in writing is an infringement of copyright and subject to a minimum $75 per item production charge.
  4. Any notice of cancellation must be sent in writing, and received by the Publisher prior to closing date.
  5. The Publisher will not be responsible for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the space occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occured.
  6. There shall be no liability for non-insertion or late publication for any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.
Last updated on July 7, 2017

We Aim To Get It Right

Advertising Proofs:

All advertising prices include design, 2 ad proofs if required and the area occupied. Ads designed by The Observer will be proofed by either fax or email. Please inform your sales representative how you would prefer receiving ad proofs.

Once an ad proof has been supplied to the advertising client, unless otherwise notified by client, the advertisement is considered approved. Once approved and published, advertiser assumes all responsibility for errors or damages arising from any errors.

Last updated on July 7, 2017

Tearsheets For Your Files

Digital Tearsheets are available for download whenever you need them. A complete digital edition of The Observer is available for download for your files.


Last updated on July 7, 2017

What You Can Expect with Billing

• All Invoice | Statements are payable without exception in 30 days.
• Any discrepancies on the Invoice | Statement must be reported within 10 days of receipt.
• Overdue accounts are subject to a 2% per month interest charge.
• Accounts over 90 days shall be referred to collections and then to litigation. Delinquent or overdue accounts will be reported to credit agencies. Advertiser will be responsible for all legal costs associated with collections or litigation.
• Non-payment of accounts will result in advertising being cancelled and all future credit terms revoked.
• Cheques rendered NSF shall be subject to a $50.00 administrative charge added to your account.
• Term agreements will be enforced regardless of whether the customer chooses to cancel an advertising run prior to completion.

Observer Invoice Statements are emailed weekly on Thursdays to the authorized email address on client accounts.

Invoice Payment:

  • Cheque
  • Email Transfer (Details on Invoice)
  • Cash or Debit
  • Visa or MasterCard

Please reference your Account Number in the memo area of cheques or provide when making a payment by credit card by telephone.

Mailing Address:
20-B Arthur St. N.,
Elmira, Ontario, Canada
N3B 1Z9

Billing Inquiries:
Phone: 519.669.5790 ext 107
Toll Free: 1.888.966.5942

Last updated on July 7, 2017
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