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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Help deliver independent community journalism

Newspapers are deemed an essential service in times like a COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t been business as usual for The Observer. Nor is it for our many advertising clients in and around Waterloo Region.

Studies demonstrate how communities with a local newspaper have better managed local governments, lower taxes, more civic engagement, better voter turn-out and direct economic impact in our communities. “Each dollar spent on stories can generate hundreds of dollars in benefits to society,” says author James Hamilton in Democracy’s Detectives.

Our ability to tell our communities’ stories depends on the wellbeing of local business — we understand that many of our clients are under intense economic strain at this time.

Help two businesses with one donation.

We’re asking our readers to make a charitable donation from $5 – $100 to The Observer through the Ontario Community Newspaper Foundation. Choose a local business that you want to support and we will apply the full donation amount as an advertising credit to a business of your choosing. You will also receive a tax receipt for the donated amount.