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Elmira, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, July 22, 2018

View From Here – July 05, 2018

Summertime and the livin’ is easy ... as long as you tune out the noise and nonsense.

View from Here – June 28, 2018

School’s out. Long weekend. Hot, hazy and humid. It’s a perfect storm of summertime.

View From Here – June 21, 2018

Shopping in downtown cores may not be what it used to be for a host of reasons ...

View From Here – June 14, 2018

North Korean atrocities apparently pale in comparison to the Canadian steel, aluminum, auto parts and agricultural industries.

The View From Here – June 7, 2018

Ontarians head to the polls today to roll the dice. Unfortunately they’re loaded for snake eyes.

View from here – May 24, 2018

When entertainment and believability factor into Ontarians’ choices ...

View From Here – May 17, 2018

The region says to expect a few glitches as it begins more extensive testing of its LRT system.