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Friday, July 19, 2019

View From Here – July 18, 2019

For some people, there's a downside to missing out on the usual mid-summer browning of the grass.

View from here – July 11, 2019

Municipal officials don't usually need reminding that not all infrastructure is created equal.

View from here – July 04, 2019

Vacation travel, demand for air conditioning and politicians on the barbecue circuit all add to the hot air.

View from here – June 27, 2019

With turnabout being fair play, Doug Ford ups the ante on his plans to reduce education costs, invoking an endless summer for some.

View From Here – June 20, 2019

Already a short and expensive trip, easily-predicted collisions just add to the "fun."

View from here – June 13, 2019

Like the bounty on Mother's Day, Father's Day has its own traditions that come into play every year.

View From Here – June 6, 2019

Coming off a record cold-and-damp May, June hasn't been a harbinger of summertime fun either.