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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Plastic ban may be bandwagon move, but still a good idea

While more mindful of what we throw away, most of us give little thought to what happens to our trash once we haul it...

Robots are coming for even those less-than-stellar Walmart jobs

Having done much to support the outsourcing of jobs to China and the resultant problems that followed, Walmart is now of course doing its...

View from here – June 13, 2019

Like the bounty on Mother's Day, Father's Day has its own traditions that come into play every year.

Plenty of reminders this week about environmental issues

Though our focus on the environment may have narrowed down to the unseasonably cold and wet weather – horrible, but not to the extent...

Politicians fail to protect democracy, and they like it that way

Politicians are long on talk and very short on action when it comes to protecting democracy – featherbedding trumps all else, no matter who’s...

View From Here – June 6, 2019

Coming off a record cold-and-damp May, June hasn't been a harbinger of summertime fun either.

Timing is the biggest issue with Ford’s deficit battle

Good, bad or indifferent, for Doug Ford there’s no time like the present to enact the ideas he and his Queen’s Park colleagues come...