Buy The Dam Book: My Side of the Dam: The Retrospective 1996-2003

My Side of The Dam: The Retrospective 1996-2003.

My Side of the Dam was a must-read local humour column in The Woolwich Observer. Authored by former Floradale resident Allen D. Martin, he found humour where he lived, in his own situations and in the people he knew … plus a bunch of stuff he just made up. My Side of the Dam’s goal was to get a chuckle – and he delivered week-after-week for eight years.

*Available Now. Released April 20, 2021.

More than justa columnto us.

Book Features:

All of the columns you loved and even the ones that you didn’t – every one.

Every column published — eight years worth — of My Side of the Dam. We all need more reasons to laugh.

A premium book that will look great on the bookshelf, or beside the john.

This softcover book feels great with a premium soft-touch treatment. Silk paper stock gives this book a quality touch.

Martin Family encouraged.

Allen always wanted his columns published again. He would love knowing that they’ll elicit some more laughs some two decades later. Enjoy the family foreword and private family photos.

Life after the column.

Allen was forced to stop writing because of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease. He continued to stay involved in the community and the Observer was there to tell his story.

Twenty-five years in the making.

The Observer is marking their twenty-five year milestone by publishing My Side of the Dam. Allen wasn’t just a writer at the Observer … he was much more than that.

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