Tree Planting

A family affair – Dwight Zinger, wife Ange and Brinley and Carson

The Ariss and Maryhill Lions club wanted to do something special to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Lions and Jim Davis chairperson for the tree planting for the Lions was approached.

The Ariss and Maryhill Lions club purchased the trees and donated them to the township for planting at the Maryhill Heritage Park. Ann Roberts, Environmental Co-ordinator for the Township and Inga Riinne chair with “Trees for Woolwich” looked after the coordinating for the Lions.  What a perfect legacy for our Maryhill Heritage Park.

The tree Planting Project took place on Saturday September 25th at 1 p.m. with the planting of 50 trees. There were 5 species planted – sugar maple, sycamore, white spruce, white pine, red oak and bur oak and were purchased from Peter Tillich and NVK nurseries in Flamboro.

The Lions invited groups and anyone in the area to participate in this project with approximately 40 volunteering their time.. There was a couple from the Stratford Lions who also came to participate. Covid rules allowed 100 people to gather outside. Those attending had to fill out a form before entering the park.  “Trees for Woolwich” are being planting  all over the area. 

Earlier in the week a tree bucket dug all the holes and placed the trees.   Leaders were in various areas to help with the planting, adding the bone meal with the mulch being added later. Other volunteers went around with wheelbarrows picking up the extra ground and grass that was taken out of the holes.  The Township will be the looking after the water of the many trees. 

Tim Vegh (Maryhill Knights of Columbus Grand Knight) and Ariss and Maryhill Lions Pat & Jim Kurtz.

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