Historical Society Meeting

The virtual meeting of the Maryhill Historical Society was held on Monday, Sept. 27th at 7 p.m. It was decided that at this time the Halter House will remain closed.  


Received Ontario Historical Society books Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021. 



Assistance was given to people researching Gehl, Fischer, Giesler, Hauck, Hummel, Kiefer, Martin, Olinski, Scherrer, Schmuck, Sellner, Weiler, Zettel.  Received a donation of the Reinhart and Hess family history.


There are 92 people on the Birthday List.  Cards sent out in June were 7, 15 in July, 6 in August and 4 for September.


The New Cemetery Index has been updated. Major work had been done on the Crucifixion monument.  The St. Boniface web site has posted a few pictures of a before and after view of the work done.           

A video presentation had been presented to the Bruce County Genealogy Society and the Sarasota Genealogy Society on the restoration projects.   After six years the work is now completed in the St. Boniface “Old Walled” Cemetery.


There were 4 Deaths, 4 baptisms &1 Marriage that have taken place in the last 3 months.  Received a 1st Communion picture and names for 2002 & 2003.  A painting of St. Boniface Church has been donated to the Society. 


Flags were put out for Canada Day and also on all the Veterans graves in both the Old Walled and new cemeteries. They will be removed after Remembrance Day.


We have 204 memberships with 177 members receiving by email.  Received 4 new life-time memberships with 5 members passing away.  


In the basement we now have a sink installed with hot water to make cleaning easier. Safety equipment and fire extinguishers have been installed and also safety treads on the stairs going upstairs. The bathroom has been updated.


The resource centre has seen much needed updating with layout and displays. All rooms have been freshly painted. Displays have also been rearranged. The Kitchen-resource room has all the bookshelves along one wall. Maps and some family pictures are on another wall. The chapel displays items from years gone by. Upstairs the Weiler-Wilhelm glass display was cleaned and rearranged.  The war display has been moved to the second floor, with school memorabilia and pictures of the older buildings in the village. Also displays of local trades that were needed in early New Germany.

Working on the life of Pat Johnson, the black gentleman buried in our cemetery.

The “Little Red School House” – history of schools in Wellington County has been donated to the Wellington Historical Society and “St. Mary’s Church Kitchener Centennial 1857-1957” book donated to St. Mary’s Church. Both groups were very glad to receive the books.


A video with a narrative horse drawn buggy virtual tour of our historical village has been done and information has been given on our website.  The Halter House will remain closed and the Annual General Meeting which took place on the third Sunday in November will also be virtual again this year. 


We have received yearbooks & graduation pictures for 2020 / 21 including names.   The photo albums of fundraising events from 1993 – 2015 have also been received.   Updated school pictures for 2001-2002 . The school teachers & information from 2014-2015 to present day have been completed.   School playground equipment taken down from school Aug 29th


Newsletters have continued to go out to our membership via email and snail mail.


The three wayside shrines have been looked after with the cutting of grass and looking after the flower beds.


Website visits in June there were 507, July 386 and August 248 people who checked out the Maryhill Historical Society website.  Total for this year so far is 3,911 people.

Facebook people are from all the provinces in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and in the U.S. Michigan, Florida, New York, Los Angles, San Quention (not the prison) and Pakistan. 


Received a book “Saints for Servers”

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