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Covered bridge has inspired more than a few artists

A draw for tourists, the West Montrose covered bridge is also a favourite subject for painters and photographers. Last week, the location served both purposes as some Burlington artists captured the scene.

“We came out for your covered bridge, the only one in Ontario. We were drawn to the bridge because it’s unique and special. It’s the only one in the province, so we wanted to capture it,” said Nicole Babjak, a lifelong painter.

“We love it – it’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous even from the other side. And we were thinking even the other side would be beautiful to capture, but in the afternoon when the sun moves,” she added, noting they’d eyed Elmira as another option for capturing on canvas.

“Probably just in the downtown where you have your shops and restaurants, just to see what’s there. The environment is so peaceful. And we’re also very interested in seeing the horse-drawn carriages too – that’s very unique, as you don’t see that in Burlington. That’s something we’re admiring when they pass by. The natural beauty, and the environment is very peaceful here,” noted Babjak about the area’s unique scenery.

Typically starting at 10 in the morning and often finishing five or six hours later, Babjak and her fellow painter Nuria Guerva Lopez have spent countless hours painting scenery standing next to their easels.

On July 21, the two were perfectly positioned by the river just in front of the West Montrose bridge, easels holding up paintings of the view ahead. Red colours popped out amongst the trees and rivers, as they do standing there in person.

With the pandemic causing people to stay indoors, Babjak experimented with other painting techniques, noting she is happy it is summertime, which means they will spend more time painting outside.

Babjak’s work can be viewed or purchased online through her Instagram, @nicolebabjak, or through her website.

“We both show at art auctions – I’ve shown in public areas like libraries, hospitals, restaurants. So, I try and get out there and show my work.”

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