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New venture is right on target

For Geoff Demeuleneare, there’s no better way to unwind than fitting an arrow to his bow and practicing his archery skills. The Elmira man has a passion for the sport, which he took up years ago to bond with his stepdad.

The more he drew his bow, the more he developed his skills. It was a stress reliever and a mental break from the day for Demeuleneare. Spending so much time at it gave him insight as to the needs of other archers.

Now, he’s rolled his enjoyment of the sport into a business venture, having noticed there was nothing available in the way of effective backstops for stray arrows while shooting at targets. Enter Send-It Archery, which had its origins some two years ago when Demeuleneare was looking for a way to make archery more accessible.

Send-It Archery sells different sizes of large archery backstops for beginners and expert users. The goal is for archers to never have to look for an arrow in the woods again. Taking the near-misses, the backstop creates a peace of mind for the user.

Geoff Demeuleneare finds time to unwind with his favourite hobby. [Submitted]

“I realized that there weren’t too many options for people to be shooting in their backyard and not many options that let you to shoot safely as far as backstop goes to protect you for those small misses,” said Demeuleneare of the inspiration behind the product line.

The backstop is Canadian-made, it’s capable of stopping an arrow at 390FPS. It’s a great learning tool for those looking to enjoy the sport of archery or up their skill level, he says.

“We see families doing it together all the time: mothers and daughters, fathers, sons – it’s for every age, every ability. It’s that thing that gives you a break from the day and lets you do something together.”

The sport of archery has increased in popularity over the last five or six  years, noted Demeuleneare.

“We are seeing a whole bunch of new demographics like women and children, families getting involved in it. There’s lots of archery ranges around that seem to be doing well right now. And it’s becoming more of a popular topic to talk about, right? And people are seeing the benefits of doing it.

“For myself, you go for five or 10 minutes or sometimes an hour and to be able to make a good shot or to be focused on archery, you can’t be thinking about the rest of the day. So for those 10 minutes, or 15 minutes a day, it’s almost a break in the form of meditation. So we’re seeing a lot of people getting involved in it.”

There are plenty of points that sets his products apart, says Demeuleneare.

“Our manufacturing we believe is the strongest, most versatile stuff on the market, it provides you peace of mind and confidence, for any archer at any level, so people that are just getting into it that aren’t sure – this gives you safety and peace of mind behind your target in case you do hit those small misses and for the more experienced people shooting their bow for 10 or 15 years like myself to try new distances or harder shot angles.”

For more information, see www.senditarchery.com.

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