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First day of summer warmth to trend

We’ve certainly had some summery weather as part of a yoyo-like spring, but summer isn’t official until Sunday, arriving in conjunction with Father’s Day.

The warm temperatures we’ve had to date are only the beginning, says weather guru David Phillips.

“Spring came on quickly. May turned out to be cooler than we thought, and now were into June and it’s a little warmer than normal so far,” said Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

For Sunday, dads can expect to enjoy some warmer weather, with a chance of rainfall in the evening, a continuation of the summer-like days that were part of a mixed-bag spring.

“One of the issues this spring has been the asthma or allergens in the air, because vegetation was growing quickly but their wasn’t precipitation to scrub the air. So people were suffering from that – the overall issues so far is the lack of precipitation – when you get a warm day it tends to abstract more moisture from the ground or from other sources,” said Phillips.

“June, July and August should be warmer than usual. In the Kitchener Waterloo area last summer we had 23 days of hot heat; eight would be normal. This year we’ve had more temperatures over 30 (degrees) than last year at this time.”

For those not overly fond of the really hot and sticky weather, there’s some good news in that it looks like it won’t be as warm as last summer. The big issue is precipitation right now – we need some kind of rain to recover, Phillips said this week.

“Last June temperatures were a degree or a degree and half more than normal, but this week we’re seeing temperatures with highs of 24, 25, 26.

“Average temperature for this time of year in your area is 24 degrees for a high, we’re calling for 25 degrees and sunshine, so very close to what your normally would get – we’re calling for a chance of showers Sunday night, so it looks like a great first weekend of summer coming up.”

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