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Wellesley Lions proposed memorial trail for park in St. Clements

A new memorial trail for Lions Park in St. Clements was unveiled at Wellesley council Tuesday night, the latest project from the  Paradise and District Lions Club.

Some 500 metres of new trailway, to be lined by trees planted in memory of those who have passed away, will be constructed, explained club president Tim Koenig.

Dubbed Lions Memorial Walk, the project was inspired by the late Joe Brick, a long-time club member who had advocated for a walking trail around St. Clements. While working on the idea for a number of years, he was never able to see the project advance before his death, said Koenig, noting the idea has evolved into a club project that will allow the community to memorialize loved ones they’ve lost.

“The Lions are proposing what we’re going to call a Lions Memorial Walk [and] create it within the Lions Park. So, we’re going to create a walking trail route around the existing trees and existing equipment to create a walk between three [hundred] and 500 metres long, whatever we can really come up with. It would be wide enough for people to pass and the foundation would be of stone dust making it accessible for anyone,” said Koenig.

Benches will also be added along the path, which would have start and end points near the entrances. Trees will also be placed at strategic locations, planted and maintained through donations to act as a living memorial.

The work is expected to be done by John Sutherland of J.J. Craftsmen. With experience building trails for Waterloo, Sutherland will excavate the route and provide a base and top with stone dust for the walking surface, said Koenig.

Coun. Carl Smit asked about the cost of the project, with Koenig estimating the total at $10,000.

“We’re working on a cost estimate of $10,000. It’s only an estimate because… John gave me a number per linear foot and [we] put it in [to estimate a cost], but we have budgeted $10,000 to be available for this project,” said Koenig.

The club has done much work in the park over the years, including three additional areas of new playground equipment, installing benches and refuse containers, and constructing a new picnic shelter (dedicated in honour of Brick). Because of the work, the township even renamed the park in recognition of the Lions Club.

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