Paige Warner to release new single

Liquor isn’t just something we’re consuming more of during the pandemic, it’s also the name of the new song from Heidelberg musician Paige Warner.

What began as a hook recorded on her phone  slowly transformed into the single scheduled for release on April 9.

In the same vein as the RnB pop-style sound displayed in her recent single ‘People Pleasing,’ the new song is described as “stripped back with an acoustic touch.” It’s also a product of the pandemic, making the process to release it a timely one, says Warner.

“I actually came up with a small, just tiny bit of the hook – I want to say over a year ago now – and it was saved in my voice memos. I was sitting down to write one day, and I thought, ‘Oh, let me go back to my voice memos,’ as I do sometimes. I came across this one over the summer, and it just kind of hit me in a new way again, which is when I knew that that’s the piece I should be working on. Then I kind of molded the original voice memo and created a song based around that original chorus hook,” she explained, estimating that it took between a year and a year and a half to bring the track into fruition.

As the name implies, the track deals with themes around alcohol, but it is written from the perspective of someone who’s had a few and is feeling philosophical.

“The lyrics center around that feeling after kind of getting out of an abusive situation, just feeling like it’s still dragging you down in life. It’s called ‘Liquor’ because the song is from the perspective of someone that’s drinking, while they’re kind of reflecting on these situations.” 

It’s a circumstance that’s all too real, and one that doesn’t always have a happy ending, said Warner.

“Originally, when I started writing, it was kind of centered around abuse and people’s experience and how that can feel afterwards. I’m a strong believer that songs don’t always have to have a happy ending, because I think their main reason or main purpose is for people to connect with them – this is definitely one of those songs. There’s not like a happy ending or a twist in the song that makes you feel good. It’s kind of just sad.”

She also credits the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, which approved her request for $1,275 to help develop the new release.

“It was honestly a game-changer, especially during COVID, with gigs not being open and venues not being open. It was definitely a game changer for me. I’m not sure if I could have released a single without that fund.”

In the vein, Warner says she realizes it’s been a tough time for musicians, and for their fans.

“For fans of mine, I would say thanks for sticking through it,” she said, noting the new music is a way to stay in touch with her fans while live shows remain out of reach for the time being.”

Warner aims to continue releasing tracks, but they may not be in quite the same tone as the most recent ones.

“During quarantine, these were the types of songs that were coming out for me because it was a pretty low mood and kind of depressing time when everything’s so locked down, isolated. That’s kind of why these songs that are more stripped back, sad, emotional… types of songs came out. But I think in the future, I’m open to a lot of different styles and genres, even based on how I feel the song can best portray the emotion that I’m writing at that moment.

‘Liquor’ will be available on all streaming services on April 9 and can be pre-saved on March 26. More information about Warner can be found on her website.

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