Maryhill Historical Society Meeting

The virtual meeting of the Maryhill Historical Society was held on Monday March 22, 2021 at 7pm.


ARCHIVES & GENEALOGY – Assistance was given to people researching – Drexler, Goetz, Hummel, Krausmann, Lehmann,  Messmer, Oberle, Reinhart, Rellinger, Sauer, Scheibel, Scherrer, Selb, Straub, Weiler, Weishaar, and Zinger.Received donation of

Received donation of

  • The Alsace Emigration Book Volume 1 by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler
  • The Alsace Emigration Book Volume 2 by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler
  • The Baden Emigration Book by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler
  • Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America by Annette Kunselman Burgert

BIRTHDAY CLUB – There are 93 people on the over 80 Birthday List.  Cards sent out – December 9, January 9, February 4, and March 11. 

BUILDING MAINTENANCE & SHRINES – some improvements will be made shortly in the house. 

CATALOGUE PROJECT – During the past months work has been done on a mix of records, cemetery books and oversized photos.

CEMETERY  – The winter season has brought everything to a stop in the St. Boniface Old Walled Cemetery. As soon as the weather allows the remaining 15+ Iron Crosses that were not completed last fall will be painted and this will bring the original rescue plan to an end.  A Zoom presentation for the Bruce County Genealogical Society a few weeks ago was recorded on Zoom and will be presented at one of their upcoming meetings. It covered a little of the history of the Alsatian settlers and their customs and the village of New Germany and how it stayed Alsatian for so many years, and of course the old walled cemetery.

The cemetery restoration part of the Zoom presentation was accomplished by using pictures showing the style and types of monuments found in cemeteries 100+ years old, and how to restore them. Attention on the Iron Crosses or “Tree of life” monuments and how important they are, and the need to preserve them and all monuments of the past. . The idea of using the Iron Cross, Tree of Life is a tradition that began in New Germany (Not in Alsace)  Old Walled Cemetery and was carried on by the children of our ancestors who migrated all through Woolwich, Wilmot, Carrick, Greenock, Bruce townships with examples found in St. Clements, St Agatha, Mildmay, Deemerton, Formosa and Carlsruhe but none compare to the large 90+ Iron cross monuments we have at the St. Boniface Old Walled Cemetery.

MEMBERSHIP & MAILING  – there are a total of 294 member households of these 177 are being sent by emails . There was 1 new life-time member who joined. 

NEWSLETTER & CALENDAR – the Spring newsletter has been sent out with the calendar being sent out the beginning of the year.  The Summer newsletter will be started on shortly.

PROGRAMME – Hoping that Open Houses might have visitors after July 1st but this remains to be seen.  Heritage Day might be a virtual tour again. 

RESOURCE CENTRE  – Worked on the names listed on the Historical Quilt, also worked on the picture from the Convent which is now in the dinning room at the Rectory.

SCHOOL – St Boniface School currently has 200 students registered this year. Helped with this year’s yearbook.  The new school scheduled to open in September 2021.

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