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Maryhill Historical Society

The first meeting of the Maryhill Historical Society was held virtually on Sunday January 17th at 2 p.m.  Certainly a different way to meet and although we are not meeting face to face, we have still been very active as a group.


Archivist & Genealogy

Assistance was given to people researching – Ariss, Benninger, Berberich, Bitschy, Berger, Burger, Gehl, Goetz, Hohenadel, Keller, Massel, May, Meyer, Johnson, Reinhard, Scherrer, Schnurr, Vogel, Vogt, Wismer, Zinger. One person was looking for information on families from Saarland, France and another for information on the Resurrection priests who came from Maryhill.   The “Genealogical Library” is now organized in the kitchen.

Birthday Club

Cards continue to be sent out to members who are in the “over 80’s club”.  5 new members have joined the Birthday Club.

Building Maintenance & Shrines

There is still some work to be completed in the kitchen.  The Wayside Shrines have all been winterized.


Much had been done in 2020 in the “Old Walled Cemetery” and more restoration work hopefully will continue in the Spring.


The Baptism, Marriage & Death records have all been updated and indexed for 2020.  There were 5 deaths and 3 baptisms that had taken place since November.


Information has been received from one Veteran and this project will always continue to be ongoing.


At this point in time nothing is scheduled.

Membership & Mailing

There were 6 new life time members and 1 renewal.  6 members have passed away.  


At this point in time all events are put on hold.  All events will be depending on when the COVID-19 is under control. 

Newsletter & Publications 

This year the calendar and newsletter all had to be mailed out and this was done the beginning of the month.  There will be 4 newsletters sent this coming year – March, June, October & December.

Resource Centre

The painting of the rooms on the main level and the upstairs rooms are completed. The chapel room and kitchen are complete with pictures on the wall. A Historical Quilt was found which had 280 names embroidered on it also the “Maryhill Players” display has been dismantled and the information and pictures are now in a book.   


Pictures have been taken of the new school going up.  Received  “Information on the Heart of the Community: A Brief History of Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools”


Has been updated regularly.  When people visit the website they often go into the other pages.  The Facebook page is also a great success. 

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