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More properties included in septic inspection program in St. Clements and Linwood

Wellesley’s made some tweaks to the list of properties subject to a septic system inspection protocol, but the overall number is small and there’s no financial impact.

New well-head protection zones identified in the Grand River Source Protection Plan eliminate seven properties from affected areas in St. Clements and Linwood, adding 15 others for an overall increase to 65 properties from 57 on the previous list.

Under provincial regulations, inspections of septic systems in protected areas must be carried out every five years. When the province introduced the measures in 2015, it provided funding to municipalities to cover the cost. For the cycle that started 2020, there was no funding, prompting council in levy a township wide fee of $0.50 per household to cover the estimated $8,600 price tag.

The program evaluates the health of private septic systems in St. Clements and Linwood as a way of protecting drinking water.

The 15 new properties affected by the changes will be sent letters in February letting them know of the requirement of septic system re-inspection. Likewise, the owners of the seven de-listed properties will also be notified.

The property owners who are now required to have the inspection will have until Oct. 1, 2024 to have their systems re-inspected. Those remaining in the source water protection zones will see no changes in the timing of the re-inspection program.

“Given the minor increase to the overall number of properties being reviewed by staff there is no proposed changes to the overall tax funded cost recovery offsetting the septic re-inspection program, which was approved at a cost of $1,565 within the 2021 budget approval process,” said chief building official Darryl Denny in a report to council

Fees are expected to be re-evaluated by staff prior to the next re-inspection cycle in 2025.

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