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Maryhill Historical Society Committee Reports

Zoom meetings have been held monthly with members of the Maryhill Historical Society.  Very different from other years.


ARCHIVIST & GENEALOGY – the reorganizing of the “library” of genealogical information will be started shortly.  This will involve reorganizing genealogical & donated family trees together, photos together, etc. Cataloguing has been saved and completed on an external hard drive.

Research and assistance had been given to Larry & Jerry Goetz (Goetz); Lesley Ariss (Ariss), Leah Crowley (Weiler / Zuber) Larry Stephens (Schnurr / Vogt)  Raymond Davies (Hohenadel / Meyer).

A book on Alsace-Lorraine has been donated to the Historical Society Library.

BIRTHDAY CLUB – cards continue to be sent out to members who are over 80 years old. 98 people on the 80+ birthday list and added one new birthday club member.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE – work had been done in the bathroom and thank you to Bob Kennedy who has donated and installed a sink in the basement.

CEMETERY – quite a lot of work has been done over the summer of 2020. All of the monuments that were scheduled to be removed have all been repaired/restored and placed back in their correct location for a total of around 40 monuments. There were also around 90 other monuments that were repaired because they had broken in the middle or needed new cement foundations and even missing crucifixes were made and replaced as they originally were. Around 35 big crucifixes were given new steel pins and cemented with special epoxy, repointed etc. so now All of the crucifixes are back on top of their monument except one which has yet to find the correct monument for. This is the end of a 5 year project.

In regards to the new Lebensbaums project (Iron Crosses) a total of 15 have been repaired with missing scroll work, painted, etc.  Three Iron Crosses were major restorations, requiring complete new sections of scroll work to be fashioned and attached to the Iron cross, painted etc. There are approximately another 30 more needing help for next year.

CHURCH  – there have been 7 baptisms, 4 deaths and 1 burial during the last two months.  Work had been done on the history of the Parish for the St. Boniface Church website and also worked on the church history for the Diocesan Church Archives  It was found that “Fr. John Holzer dedicated the 2nd St. Boniface Church on the first Sunday of Advent, 1848” and the 3rd church (present) “On 10 November 1878 the new St. Boniface Church was blessed and officially opened.” by Father Stephen Foerster.

COMMUNITY – updated the Waterloo Region Information Database.  They provide the information contained in their database to people who visit their website or contact Ontario 211 when seeking information about programs and services in our community.  Took a group for a tour through the cemetery and demonstrated the “wands”.

MEMBERSHIP  – added a  new “Honourary/Ex Officio” member making the total of 11 members and 5 organizations.  We have a total of 300 member households which include Annual,  Lifetime, and Ex Officio Members.  Total of 293 member households

NEWSLETTER – sent out 170 newsletters via emails,

PROGRAMMES – Heritage Day, Sunday, September 27th had been cancelled but a video took place with a tour of the crosses. It was voted to cancel Halloween and the Christmas Cheer at the Edward Halter Home this year.   Discussion took place about the Annual General Meeting which will be on Sunday, November 22nd.

PUBLICATIONS  – the Fall newsletter has been mailed with others being sent via emails. The Old Walled Cemetery book has been updated and is ready for reprinting.

RESOURCE CENTRE – the Historical House is getting an uplift with a good cleaning and painting in the interior. The first floor painting is completed and there have been changes made in the rooms.

SCHOOL – updated school information – 193 students. New school in Breslau scheduled to open next September.

WAYSIDE SHRINES – all sites have been maintained and none of the crosses had any damage this year.

WEBSITE  – has been updated.  Home page-removing old news and adding a link to the Photo Gallery to the Heritage Day video.


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