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Maryhill Historical Society

Well the weather finally communicated so the Maryhill Historical Society was able to have their first meeting of the new year on Sunday, February 9th at 1 p.m. in the Edward Halter Home.


ARCHIVIST & GENEALOGY  – Received a picture of Martin & Apolonia (Roth) Weiler.  Research and assistance was given to help families search their families – Brenda Bower / Leslie Chapel / Marlene Cutler / Shirley Baumgartner (Moyer), Vanessa Metcalf (Maryhill)

BIRTHDAY CLUB – cards continue to be sent out to members 80 years of older.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE – will be doing an upgrade to the washroom shortly.

CEMETERY – Work has been done on updating the New Cemetery including the index.  For Remembrance Day Canadian flags were placed on all the Veterans graves.

CHURCH – There have been 3 baptisms and 1 death.  The 2019 Baptism, Marriages & Deaths have all been indexed.

COMMUNITY– The program and history of the Bloomingdale United Church’s 140th Anniversary has been received. Four members attended the “Somebody Should Do Something” evening with an exhibit and two members attended the Friday session.

FUNDRAISING – will be looking into sponsors and donations within the next couple months.

MEMBERSHIP – We have a total of 300 member households which includes Annual, Lifetime, and Ex Officio.  Three new members added to the birthday club.  Two life time members have passed away.

PROGRAM – Mary Ann Stroh showed a Show & Tell.  A tin type picture of a lady but no idea who she is.

RESOURCE CENTRE – The calendar & newsletter binders have been updated.  Displays had been made for the Genealogical Fair at the Kitchener Public Library and one has also been made for Heritage Wilmot held in New Dundee with the theme – Places of Worship.  This will include Bloomingdale United Church and Shantz Station Lutheran Church as well as St. Boniface Church.

Treats were handed out at Halloween and this was a great success even in all the rain. The Edward Halter Home was decorated inside and outside with one of the members setting up her Dickens Christmas display in Chapel. In December toured the children through house and also went over to school for the younger ones.  The Christmas Cheer event was a huge success with over 40 attending this event.  A donation was received from the Legion – Ontario Command Volume VI.

SCHOOL – A shed from St. Benedict’s School has been received for all the JK and SK out door activities and sand toys.

WAYSIDE CROSSES   – The Drexler Cross is in need of some maintenance to make it more appealing.

WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR – The website is constantly being updated but finding it not being used as in former years because of the new Facebook page – Maryhill Roots.

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