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Siblings rake in the medals in Costa Rica

Two local martial artists have returned from an international competition with plenty of hardware to show for their efforts.

Breslau siblings Hannah and Ethan Wright were part of the Canadian National Martial Arts Team that travelled to Costa Rica for the 2020 International Congress of Martial Arts tournament (ICoMA).

Thirteen-year-old Hannah won five gold medals in weapons, forms, point fighting, musical extreme forms, and synchronized weapons with partner Lexi McGann Barclay. She also scored one bronze medal in chambara.

Her achievements earned her the triple crown title, awarded to those who snag three or more gold medals at the event. This is her second straight year with a triple crown win.

“This is one of my favourite events and it’s a great way to start the year,” said Hannah. “I’m proud of how I did and can’t thank all my coaches enough for everything they have done for me.”

Ten-year-old Ethan came home with one gold in the fighting category, two silvers in weapons and forms/kata, and one bronze medal in chambara (foam sword fighting).

“I did a new form for the first time and it went really well,” said Ethan. “I’m going to be to working on it more with Sifu Julian and Sifu Silvana and competing more this year.”

Hannah and Ethan were part of the 18 competitors from Shamuon Generation Martial Arts in Waterloo and HotShot Athletic in Cambridge that travelled with coaches Sibok Tom Shamuon, Sifu Lorenza Saavedra, Sifu Julian Shamuon and Sifu Silvana Shamuon on January 3.

The tournament took place January 5 at the Riu Guanacaste conference centre in Costa Rica. Overall, the Canadian team cleaned up, bringing home 43 golds 33 silvers and 23 bronze medals  along with seven triple crown wins.

The siblings have been to plenty of tournaments in the past, but felt that this one was particularly special as they were accompanied by their grandfather Randy Adams and his partner Sonya Jenkins. The family got the chance to have a little vacation time in the sunny Costa Rican weather after the tournament was all wrapped up.

“It was awesome to have them there to watch me compete and to spend time with afterwards,” said Hannah. “I really enjoyed fishing later in the week with my grandpa.”

Ethan has even kept the competitive streak up since, participating in the Arctic Challenge in Warren, Michigan January 18. He brought home bronze medals in weapons, forms, and point fighting.

Both martial artists are travelled to Chicago last Thursday for a NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) awards banquet. Hannah received the National Champion award in Traditional Weapons, as well as landed in the National Top 10 for Traditional Forms, Point Sparring, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, and Extreme Forms. Ethan scored top 10 in Traditional Weapons, Traditional Forms and Point Sparring.

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