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Wellesley Lions honour late member

Family and friends gather to honour Susan Reid for her work in the community with a bench-dedication service at the pond

Members of the Wellesley & District Lions Club gathered Sunday to honour one of their own, dedicating a bench at the Wellesley pond in memory of Susan Reid.

Friends, family members and Lions Club members gathered at the location beside the Wellesley pond to remember Reid, who succumbed to cancer in February at the age of 68.

“I would say that Susan’s true passion for Lion-ism was evident at our meetings when she was involved in the decisions related to how our club would donate funds within the Wellesley community,” said Lions Club member Blair Cressman.

“Susan was great at reminding all of us that if we were able, we should find a way to give when there was an ask, even if it was a small donation.”

Reid was a 24-year Lions member, and very active in the community, volunteering for the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival, Christmas Tyme parade, and similar events. She moved through different executive positions of the club, most recently acting as club president from 2016 to 2018.

She was a member of First St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, where she also served as choir director. Reid, an avid singer, was a member of the Chord Spinners Barbershop Chorus for more than 30 years.

The location for the bench was chosen in recognition of her work with the Tree of Light campaign.

“She used to take charge of the Tree of Light program,” said club member Eunice Schade. “This was kind of her focus that she helped out so much with, she helped out with so many things … so that’s why wanted to place it close to the Tree of Light.

“We’re hoping for the community to get behind the campaign … that’s why we’re trying to get it out there a bit more because not everybody understands what it’s all about. All of the donations we raise, 100 per cent of them go back into the community.”

The money is used to support two local charities each year; this time around, it’s Meals on Wheels, which provides nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals to members of the community who are unable to prepare their own food, and to the Wellesley Family Resource fund.

A $5 donation lights up a bulb on the tree, and $25 will light up a string. The bulbs can be dedicated to the memory of someone, the appreciation for something, or worthwhile causes. The 2019 campaign is off to a strong start, with over $3,000 from donations made in Reid’s memory last winter.

“We’ll be posting the people who made donations on the club’s Facebook page,” added Schade. “There’s going to be another tree up at the [local CIBC] bank, that’s going to recognize the people who have donated.”

The star at the top of the tree will light up in Reid’s memory. The official lighting ceremony will take place on December 13 following the Christmas Tyme parade. The Lions offer cookies, carols, and hot apple cider. The club continues to accept donations to the campaign until December 31.

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