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Historical Society Annual General Meeting

The 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community was held on Sunday, November 17th at 2 p.m. 

President’s Report – George Isley was pleased that we had another busy year and one that seemed to pass by quickly.  He highlighted 5 areas that was focused on this past year.  FUNDRAISING – we attained and exceeded our goals.  New methodology and some good old-fashioned approaches presented new sources of funds – from new corporate sponsors.  ROLES & RESPONSIBILITES – with a good team of board members and skill we were able to ensure success in our major events and everyday workings of the Society.  RECRUITMENT – we were fortunate to add two new Board members with definite skill sets that were definite assets.  COMMUNITY – various organizations in the community joined with us for Canada Day and Heritage Day celebrations.  COMMUNICATIONS – We offer an excellent professional website – Maryhill Roots – a wonderful  newsletter, our annual calendar, and our new Face Book page – Maryhill Roots.  We need to focus more on attracting new members.  He wished to acknowledge the support of the township of Woolwich. Our ward Councillor Murray Martin continues to support our events by his presence.  We were pleased to again received grant money assistance in 2019 for out continued work on the archive and cataloguing project.  He thanked all board members, committee members and volunteers for their continued support.  He wished continued success to the incoming president and board. 

Treasurers Report – Frances Vegh -during the fiscal year 2019 she paid bills and deposited receipts and recorded these transactions.  Attended regularly executive and board meetings reporting on the finances of the society and providing year to date; actuals vs budget numbers.  She worked with an accountant who reviewed the books and prepared the financial statements.  She would like to thank Ron Lorentz for providing us with that service.   Our revenue was up this year due to the successful raffle draw and silent auction held on Heritage Day.  Our maintenance costs for Halter House were lower than budgeted, but we started the new project for archival update.  The Woolwich grant was allocated to this project for 2019.

ARCHIVES & GENEALOGY REPORT  – Diane Strickler  prepared column for our newsletter and articles for website, handled queries for archival materials, provided research assistance 
 electronically and or personally. to 69 families : Andrich, Anstett, Baechler, Batte, Berner, Brohman, Butler, Bruder, Clemens,  Drexler, Ernewein, Fach,  Fay, Godbold, Goetz, Hasson, Haus, Holle, Hummel, Joseph, Keleher, Keller, Kiefer, Klein, Knoepfler, Krausmann, Kunkel, Lauber, Leyes, McCrae, McKainney, Martin, Massel, Missere, Olinski, Opperman, Reinhard, Reinhardt, Reinhart,  Rich, Roach, Rothel, Saakel, Scherrer, Schippenowski, Schlosser, Schoefter, Schell, Scherer, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmuck, Schohn, Schumacher, Schwoob, Shantz, Stilts, Stroh, Tschirhart, Von Hatten, Vogt, Schnurr, Waechter, Weiler, Yantz, Zettel, Zimmer, Zinger, Zuber.

BIRTHDAY CLUB REPORT – Diane Beitz has sent birthday cards to those celebrating 80th birthdays and above . The over 80s are also recognized at our Heritage Day Lunch with a special certificate.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE BUILDING REPORT – Doug Keller has upgrade the Historical House washroom.

CEMETERY REPORT – Ron Schmuck is a new board member. Ron’s work focuses on the repair and restoration of “historic” monuments in the Old Walled Cemetery. Straightening and repairing cracked and broken monuments. This year he also cast 4 new crucifixes to replace missing ones. Also working on the techniques to repair and restore the 90+ historic”  ” Lebensbaums -Tree of Life” Iron crosses which includes making new sections of scrolled, wrought iron, that have fallen off and been lost over the years, restoration will start spring 2020. Completed an aerial survey of the Old Walled Cemetery boundaries, and is presently completing a cemetery map showing locations of each section, row and grave location that will accompany the book : ”The Old Walled Cemetery of St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church”.  Working on updating the Old and New Cemetery books along with their indexes.

CHURCH REPORT – Diane Strickler has completed recording the Baptismal, Marriages and Deaths and indexed them for 2019.  The years Baptism 1918, Marriages 1937 and deaths 1947 are now available in the Historical House.  This is according to the Archives of Ontario. This year we had 16 deaths 11 baptisms & 1 Marriage. 24 student received Confirmation in March. 11 children made their 1st Holy Communion on May 5th  , and Spencer Miller received the Altar Server award in June.  Corpus Christi celebration was again a success and this was the 1st year for the Crowning of Mary.  A tradition that had been done for many years.

COMMUNITY REPORT – Diane Strickler has worked on the history of the Bloomingdale Women’s Institute’s 70 years.  Patricia Weiler and Danny and Diane Strickler placed flags on the War Veterans Graves before Remembrance Day.  Diane is continuing her work on the Veterans Book. Did a walk with several members around new subdivision behind Church promoting our Society. .

FACEBOOK  – Susan Motz has started a  “Maryhill Roots” private Face Book  group for those who grew up in Maryhill, have ancestors from the Maryhill area or anyone with an interest in the history of our community.   Very successful to date with 200 members.

FUNDRAISING REPORT – Frank Rider reported on the 5th annual Silent Auction and the long standing Raffle which is our main fundraisers. All members were mailed a letter with the summer newsletter and one book of tickets. Over 50 items for the Silent Auction and the Raffle were all donated.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Carol Neumann reported we have 302 individual members [5 Annual, 12 ex officio]  Membership year is the calendar year. The membership dues increased on 1 January 2018: Single Annual $25, Single Lifetime $50. These are the only two categories.  As of the end off October 167 members receive the newsletter electronically.

NEWSLETTER REPORT –Susie Motz edits and produced four newsletters: Winter , Spring, Summer, Fall and the Annual calendar in December.  Past newsletters are posted on the MHS website. Newsletter went to 6 pages from 4 pages this year.

PROGRAM REPORT – Tom Schell was responsible for Canada Day and Heritage Sunday.  The 6th annual CANADA DAY celebration was held on Monday July 1st . The day began with flag raising ceremony at 11am with MP Harold Albrecht, MPP Mike Harris and Councillor Murray Martin in attendance. Almost 100 people enjoyed the antique and collectible displays of Doug Keller, the BBQ lunch by the Knights of Columbus and Music by Frank Rider, Pete Zettle and Bill Zinger, former members of “the Maryhill Heritage Band”.  Ron Schmuck brought his calliope for the enjoyment of all. The Village Historical Wagon Tours, thanks to Diane and Herb Beitz. were a big hit again in 2019 with Mary Ann Stroh and Diane Strickler as tour guides. The Ariss-Maryhill Lions Club with Hilda and Larry Wainwright and seeing eye dog Otis were also in attendance The Horizons Group and the Maryhill Firefighters and antique cars were also part of the day. MHS member Marion Roes was present with her new book “Mennonite Burial Traditions”.

HERITAGE DAY – The 42rd annual celebration was held on Sept. 22 with about 80 in attendance. The 10 am Mass was followed by a Tour of the Wayside Shrines led by Jim Zettel and Rob Kennedy driving vintage cars. Lunch was catered for the 2nd year by the St Boniface Catholic Women’s League. We were pleased to have Councillor Murray Martin in attendance. Our Community Honouree this year we George and Tara Kanellis owners of the Maryhill Mini Mart. Their daughters Tara and Athena accepted the award. The program consisted of Silent Auction and Raffle, recognition of 50th and 60th Anniversary Couples and several birthday milestones of over 80 . All honourees received specially designed framed certificates.

RESOURCE CENTRE REPORT – Mary Ann Stroh reported on the Spring and Fall cleaning, seasonal decorating of the house (Christmas & Halloween), preparation of display board, culling and rearrangement of resources. Maintaining flowerbeds in front of the house, bell cairn, flag pole and grotto.   Binder for Newsletter now dates back to 1987 – 2018, Missing 2012. Updated Calendar binder – 1985 – 2018. Received Waterloo Historical Society Book Volume 106.   Open Houses were well attended during the summer months as well as those by appointment.

SCHOOL REPORT – Diane Strickler has received 1st Communion & Confirmation pictures along with names.  She has updated school information in Historical Society binder pretraining to school staff, school council, renovations and maintenance done to school during year.  There are currently 165 students enrolled at St. Boniface. She has received the school yearbook for 2018-2019.  This is the 4th year the History award has been presented to a Grade 8 student – Seth Doerr, Alex Zettel, Cameron Rebelo, & Mason Garrett.

We now have pictures and names of SS #10 Weissenburg school for 1921 -1923-1937-1939-1940-1941-1946-1947 and Bloomingdale School pictures – 1936-37-1942-43-1944-45-1947.

WAYSIDE CROSSES REPORT – Doug Keller has looked after the upkeep to 4 shrines which includes repairs to crosses and landscaping

WEB SITE REPORT- Linda Kennedy manages our website which received 6309 hits and continues to update.

AMENDMENT – has been made to the Constitution to change the legal name of the Society.  The current name is “The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community Inc. and it was unanimously voted the members present to change to “The Maryhill Historical Society Inc”.  The main reason to change the name is to make the name more inclusive of today’s society.

The new executive for 2020 are: President – Tom Schell, Vice-President – Linda Kennedy, Secretary – Marg Drexler, Treasurer – Frances Vegh, Past President – George Isley.

Directors: Doug Keller, Carol Neumann, Susan Motz, Frank Rider, Ron Schmuck, Diane Strickler, Mary Ann Stroh, and Lee Ann Wetzel.

Guest speaker was Joanna Rickert-Hall who spoke on her book Waterloo You Never Knew – Life on the Margins.  She spoke on the forgotten and little know tales from our community and how important it is to preserve our history.  Many places are disappearing and it is important to keep there history also to write-down our own stories.

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