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Crime of the Week: December 9, 2019 Case#: 1704 Offence: Theft Date: Nov 4, 2019

Police out in force with RIDE programs through the holidays

With the holidays just weeks away, police have their festive RIDE program in full swing. Police services across the province take part...


Crime of the Week: December 2, 2019 Case#: 1704 Offence: Hit and Run Date: Nov 21, 2019...

King St. N., Waterloo, ON

Crime of the Week: November 25, 2019 Case#: 1702 Offence: Break and Enter Date: October 1, 2019
Police Reporting - WRPS / OPP

Police investigate stray bullet that struck St. Jacobs home

Waterloo Regional Police are continuing to investigate after a St. Jacobs resident reported a stray bullet broke a bedroom window on the second floor of her Maplelawn Drive home.

The incident occurred November 2, though the first report only surfaced this week, prompting Woolwich Coun. Patrick Merlihan to request why it was police failed to notify the township of a potential public safety issue.

At this point, police have not determined where the bullet came from. Their investigation includes the Waterloo Rod and Gun Club, located about two kilometres from Joanna Pearce’s home. The club has been closed since the incident, and will remain so while the investigation continues, according to its website. The club did not respond to a request for an update on the incident.

While the club is being investigate by police and the Chief Firearms Office, a division of the RCMP, the source of the bullet remains unknown, said Waterloo Regional Police spokesperson Cherri Greeno.

“We are looking into if it did indeed come from there, or from somewhere else,” she said of the bullet. “It’s an active and open investigation.”


3:25 AM | Waterloo Regional Police, along with emergency services, responded to the area of Nagziger Road and Erbs Road in the Township of Wilmot for a house fire. The residence was evacuated by all occupants due largely in part to working smoke detectors. Substantial smoke and water damage was caused to the residence.

12:30 PM | A member of the Perth County OPP observed a vehicle travelling on Perth Road 119 north of Gads Hill at a rate of speed that exceeded the posted speed limit by 50 km/h. The car was pulled over, and a 45-year-old Stratford woman  was charged with ‘race a motor vehicle – excessive speed. The driver’s licence was seized and a seven-day driving suspension was imposed. The vehicle was towed and impounded as per statute. She is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice, Stratford on December 10 to answer the charge.    


1:50 AM | Wellington County OPP responded to a report of a possible impaired driver sleeping behind the wheel of a running motor vehicle in a live lane on Wellington Road 86 near Wellington Road 30. While speaking with the driver, police quickly determined that their ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol and placed them under arrest. The driver was transported to a local OPP Operation Centre for further testing. A 29-year-old Guelph man was charged with ‘impaired operation’ and ‘impaired operation – 80 plus.’ A 90-day driver’s licence suspension and seven-day vehicle impoundment were initiated. The accused will appear in the Ontario Court of Justice – Guelph on December 10.

9:45 PM |  Waterloo Regional Police received a report of a hit-and-run collision in the area of Snyders Road East and Notre Dame Drive in Wilmot Township. Police received reports of a silver Toyota Corolla fleeing the scene after striking a vehicle and then a guard rail at a high rate of speed. Police later located the driver in a nearby business. As a result of the investigation, the 32-year-old male driver was charged with ‘dangerous operation,’ ‘operation while impaired by drug’ and two counts of ‘fail to remain.’


4:44 PM | A 69-year-old Waterloo man was driving a grey Dodge van east on Hessen Strasse near Herrgott Road in Wellesley Township when he was rear-ended by a grey Chevrolet being driven by a 19-year-old Waterloo man. As a result of the collision the Chevrolet entered the ditch and rolled several times. There were no injuries reported, but the Chevrolet was towed from the scene. The driver of the Chevrolet was charged with ‘careless driving.’


  1. Thankfully nobody was standing near that window when the bullet went through it. Although it was not known for sure from where the gun was fired, that’s bad wherever it was. It is presumably even more likely to happen away from such regulated places as a Rod&Gun Club. Shooting guns during daylight hours except Sundays can be legal even quite close to and on residential properties. At least Woolwich makes that illegal within official housing zones.

    Four years ago Woolwich Council was dumb, perhaps even callous, not to extend it to an area of rural properties along the east side of Jigs Hollow Rd., north of Canagagigue Creek, despite only one of those properties being opposed. We don’t object to farmers’ necessary gun usage. One Councillor falsely claimed banning was never done for non-designated housing zones, a counterexample being the houses six kilometres north of Elmira. (Read the bylaw!) With Council meetings giving no opportunity to point out from the floor this ignorance (hopefully not lies!), another example of ‘no-refuting-opportunity’ blather was that there were no students walking there to the Parochial School that year. It seems not to have occurred to the assembled wise men plus the Mayor that the proposal was for safety in future years and decades (obviously not previous ones for us with no time machine!)

    I’m a fair distance from the road; most others aren’t. By your report, distance is no safety guarantee anyway, and certainly not one against bullets crossing the road, nor from crossbow arrows from the west, Waterloo Bowmen’s playground. Evidence of such an arrow exists. Bowmen have an elevated range, with projectiles flying towards the road 120 metres away. Some crossbows are capable of killing a deer much farther than that.


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