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Legion to host Remembrance Day parade, ceremonies on Sunday

With Remembrance Day fast approaching, the Elmira Legion’s annual poppy campaign remains in full swing. The organization is also busy planning services set for Sunday in both Elmira and Linwood.

“It’s a time for people to reflect on those who gave their lives for us,” said Elmira Legion member Mary Ellen Genereux. “We wouldn’t have what we have now if it weren’t for their sacrifice.”

Elmira will host a parade featuring a variety of community groups, including but not limited to all Legion members, firefighters, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, the Optimists Clubs, and Knights of Columbus.

“They go from the Legion, up First Street, to Arthur Street, to the cenotaph, down to South Street and back around,” said Genereux.

The procession will arrive at the cenotaph at 3 p.m for the service. The laying of wreaths dedicated to fallen soldiers and the reading names from an honour roll are key elements of the commemorative ceremony. Another service will take place at the Linwood Community Centre, starting at 1:15 p.m.

The annual poppy campaign continues until November 11 at various locations around town. The funds are used to assist Canadian veterans of the war and their dependents.

Last year, the Legion raised a total of $48,776 for local groups.

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