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New Face

Helping residents at Maryhill Twin Oaks Nursing Home with their bowling

Since the middle of August there has been a new face in Maryhill.  Maud Paillet is from the city of Orleans, which is in the north-central part of France.   Maud  attends Lycée Jean Zay school in France. Her father thought of the idea to do the exchange and her mother researched the program and helped her apply.

Both girls are 15 and in grade 10 at their respective schools. 

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation did a presentation to Avery’s French class at St. David’s telling them about their program.  The students interested could choose between France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

Avery chose France because she takes a French class at school as well as taking French classes outside of school.  She had some knowledge of the program from school   Her family then went on line and filled out an application and a detailed questionnaire and the CEEF then matched the students together based on their similar interests.  The cost is $3,125.00.

The student exchanges are school-based and  their  school principal must approve their  participation by signing their  application form.

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation which organizes educational exchange programs for elementary and secondary school students through partnerships with government and private agencies in many countries.   The organization and management of CEEF exchanges in Canada is carried out by  staff with the assistance of many volunteers – school principals, teachers, former exchange participants, parents and retired teachers.

Maud takes 2 classes the same as Avery which is math and gym and 2 independently -photography and history. Avery’s last 2 classes are Science and French. When Avery is in  France she will need to take 3 classes by correspondence as well as attending school with Maud. They will be in all the same classes while Avery is in France.

Maud takes part in almost everything that Avery is involved in  but does have  some separate activities.    They have been seen around the village doing volunteer work – Twin Oaks Nursing Home and the Maryhill Heritage Park Fish Fry.

While Maud is here she is expected to speak English and this will be the same for Avery when she goes to France, she will have to speak French.

Maud will be in Maryhill until early November and  Avery will be hosted by Maud’s family from early February until early May.

While Maud is here they are showing her the sights not only in our own area but also Toronto and Niagara Falls. 

Volunteering at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre with new friends – Claire Doerr, Amber Moran, Avery Sauve, Jamie Murray, Dana Murray. Sitting – Maud Paillet

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