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Back-to-back accolades for Wellesley company

T&T Power Group is one of this year’s recipients of the Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses

A Wellesley company is now a two-time winner of a business excellence award.

T&T Power Group is one of this year’s recipients of  the Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses, awarded by Excellence Canada.

Company president Tyler Van Dyke said that winning the award was somewhat to be expected.

“We won last year. So I figured since we won last year, we’d probably have a pretty good chance,” said Van Dyke. “I assumed the criteria was the same.”

T&T is an electrical infrastructure and power generation company that was initially situated in West Montrose. There are several other branches of the organization across Canada. 

Eventually, the opportunity arose to purchase a property in Wellesley village that better suited the company’s needs; it’s been located on Hutchison Road for the past six years. The organization has received several recognitions over this time, including two environmental management certifications (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).

This Excellence Canada award evaluates critical performance areas include delighted customers, engaged employees, and innovation. To properly review this information about a prospective company, Excellence Canada reviews surveys filled out by employees and customers, as well as financial results.

There were more than 50 applicants this year, with 32 private companies receiving this award. ISU Corp in the Kitchener was also a recipient.

“One of the most important things we consider … is if the organization is always trying to improve,” explained Russ Gahan, vice-president of operations at Excellence Canada.

“It’s not a competition; they’re not ranked – they need to be measured against the requirements and scored by our committee. If they exceed the required scores, then they are recipients.”

He also explained that the company needs to be balanced: it can’t be failing in one category, while excelling in the other two.

The awards were presented last week at a ceremony at Steam Whistle Brewing’s Locomotive Hall in Toronto.

Van Dyke noted that there was a location change; the 2018 event was hosted at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto. Other than that, the layout was fairly similar.

The program featured networking and cocktails, a fireside chat with Manjit Minhas, co-founder of Minhas Breweries & Distilleries, and stars as a dragon on CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den.

“What Manjit said was really interesting; she comes from a family of petroleum engineers and her father worked in the oil sands in Alberta. He got laid off during one of the big downturns in the economy in Alberta,” said Van Dyke, of event highlights. “So he opened a small liquor store – that’s really where her and her brother got started in that business. Now they own a handful of breweries and distilleries. That was an interesting story.”

Following this, there will be a presentation of the 2019-2020 awards and a closing address by John Wilson, founder of the CEO Global Network.

“This helps to give people an idea of the fact that we have some success and do win awards. People want to be a part of winning teams. I think it’s the most valuable for hiring purposes,” said Van Dyke.

T&T Power Group will aim to win the award once again in 2020.

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