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New Horizons talks about your happy pills

Over 50 people turned out on Thursday, September 12th for the first meeting of the New Horizons sessions.  These meetings are open to everyone and are held at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre at 10 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. 

Residents from Twin Oaks Nursing Home – Shirley, Katie Kemp (Activity Director), Joyce, Isabelle (winner of the mum plant door prize) and Brooksie

Joan Haid has been co-ordinator for New Horizons for 10 years and thanked Sandra Hachborn who has supplied the delicious treats every month for those 10 years.  On behalf of New Horizons Sandra received a beautiful plant of mums as a thank you.  

Guest speaker was Scott Shaw, pharmacist and manager of Breslau Common Pharmacy.  His topic was “Be nice to me, I am in charge of your happy pills”. 

Kathleen Snyder & Scott Shaw.

He spoke on the Breslau Commons Pharmacy in Breslau.  We are so fortunate to have 2 Pharmacies in Breslau. Breslau Pharmacy and Wellness Centre,  a Naturopathic Doctor, Corlyss Hagarty and the Breslau Commons Pharmacy and Medical Clinic.  Breslau Pharmacy celebrated their 1st anniversary on September 14th with a BBQ for the community. 

Throughout his talk people were free to ask questions.  A pharmacist gives advice, councils and interacts with the people, as well as giving out prescriptions and administers vaccinations.  He spoke on the seasonal flu which usually begins in October and last until April.  A cough uncovered can spread as far as 6 feet and on a surface for 2 hours.   

Scott spoke on how to reduce our risk on the Influenza Flu and how to protect ourselves.  The flu vaccine is 50-80% effective and takes about 2 weeks before it works.  He also spoke on the home and over the counter remedies.   

We were told how vaccinations and immunizations work and why it is important to get them and on some myths vs. facts.  Every 10 years we should get a Td booster vaccine which can protect us from tetanus and diphtheria.  

·         Another topic he spoke on was chickenpox and shingles.  If you had the chickenpox the virus lies inactive in your nerve tissue and years later may reactivate as shingles and they can occur anywhere on your body and are extremely painful.  ·          

Also covered were pneumonia, meningitides, streptococcus and vaccination side effects.  He encourages those travelling to be immunized with travel vaccines and to talk to a healthcare provider several months before travelling to see if they require any vaccinations (they may not always be needed).

He closed with “What can your pharmacist  do for you?” 

The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 10th at 10 a.m. at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre.  Admission is $2.  Guest speaker is Allie Schmidt, Horse Trainer for David Carson Farms, Listowel.  The topic is Bow, The World’s Top Horse. 

Over 50 people came to the latest New Horizon’s talk.

Feature Photo Cutline: Joan Haid (co-ordinator of New Horizons), Sandra Zinger (chairman of the Maryhill Heritage Park Committee), Sandra Hachborn

For more information contact Joan Haid (519) 648-2742 or jehaid@netflash. net

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