Neighbours such as SJK and Merry-Hill Golf Club, not to mention village residents, may need some more convincing, however.

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Scott Arnold
Scott Arnold is a cartoonist, UI designer and graphic artist – and a former member of the Observer Staff. A graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, he brings a diverse background to his cartooning – something reflected in the atypical art style used for his longest running project – The View From Here (a staple of the Opinion section for over a decade).Though spending his days making graphics for handheld User Interfaces, Scott is always working on side projects; from comic books for publishers like Image Comics and Hypersmash Studios, to spot illustrations for other newspapers and magazines. More work can be seen (and original artwork commissioned) at where he regularly posts illustration work and pages from his ongoing auto-biographical comic “What Can’t Be Erased.”


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