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Sunday, May 31, 2020
Connecting Our Communities

Spring Arts Concert

The St. Boniface School gym was packed as mom’s, dad’s, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbours all came out to see the 1st annual Spring Concert at 1 o’clock.  Thank you to Planning Time teacher Gary Chrysler who practiced with the various class and co-ordianted  the concert.  Emcees were Hailee Kuntz, Noah Van Alphen and Sam Silva who welcomed everyone to this special concert.   Collection for this event went to Toonies for Tuition.  The Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association’s (CCSTA)  provides tuition assistance to Catholic students in provinces that receive limited or no public funding for Catholic schools. The Technician crew were Ian Gallagher and J. P. Milloy  while Ryan Bischof and Spencer Miller looked after the curtains and Julius Misheal worked the lights all three were also ushers for this occasion.

The Grade 4 class of Nancy Zuzinjak’s sang and performed– “Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour”  thank you to their French teacher Miss Katie Sroka.

Joanna Mazza’s Junior Kindergarten class played the finger family game and sang the song “Tommy Thumb” and then performed a dance to “Ha Ha Thisaway”.  They were also helped by Early Childhood Educators Gwen King and  Shannon Hancock.

Next the two Junior Kindergarten classes gathered together  on stage performing to the poem “Gramma’s Glasses “ making glasses with their hands which is a tribute to grandparents.  They have all been learning about the Easter story and learned the song   “One, Two, Three”, Jesus is Alive” again with lots of action.

“Alice the Camel” singing the song backwards from 5 to 1 was sung by Tiffany Roth’s Junior Kindergarten Class with the help of Early Childhood Educator Steven Cleasby.  They also sang and danced to  – “the Penguin Polka”.

The song “Miss Lucy” was sung and danced by Lauren Huston’s grade 1 class and then they were “Going on a Bear Hunt”.

Karen Randall’s grade 2 / 3 class sang “Oh I wish I were”  complete with antics and “Once An Austrian Went Yodelling”   with the students portraying different parts of the song and  performed  a dance to “Hey There Friend”.

Next all the students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 4, sang the song  “The Alley Cat” and then did the “Baby Shark”.

All the audience was encouraged to participate to the song “Baby Shark” as well.   Everyone enjoyed this song and the antics that went with it.

The audience participating in the “Baby Shark” song.

Four students for Leisha Huber’s grade 5 / 6 class played “Say Something” and “Hot Cross Buns” on their recorders.

The grade 7 / 8 class of Henry Bink performed a skit and sang in French “On écrit sur les murs” . It’s a song about students making a positive mark in the world.

The last to perform were several of the school staff and this brought a great round of applause.  The staff performed “The Students Go Marching In’  to the tune of “The Ants go Marching In”.

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