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Breslau martial artists keep bringing home the competition hardware

All 15 martial artists of the Shamuon Generations team were able to make it through the provincial qualifiers to compete in the national competition. [Submitted]

A pair of Breslau martial artists returned from two competitions in Brampton with some hardware in tow earlier this month.

Sibling duo Hannah and Ethan Wright, along with their team from the Shamuon Generation Martial Arts studio, attended the Shiva’s Fighters Cup on Sunday. Hannah, 12, (brown belt) scored first in Traditional Weapons and first in Chinese Weapons, while Ethan, 9, (blue belt) scored second in traditional weapons.

“The best part of this tournament was that [head instructor] Sibok Tom Shamuon was there to watch me win second place in Weapons,” said Ethan, of the accomplishment.

Others from the region performed well – Lexi McGann Barclay, 17, a black belt from Waterloo placed second in the 18 and under Elite Kata division. The other competitor from Kitchener is eight-year-old Sarek Osborne, an orange belt.

Just the day before (April 6), Hannah competed in the WKC provincial qualifiers where she secured a spot in several divisions in Nationals next month. The goal is to make it to the world championships in November.

“My training is focused on WKC (World Karate Championships) right now, and I’m training hard every day for that,” said Hannah. “And it’s always great to get time in the ring so having a tournament so close to the provincial qualifiers was a great way to build momentum.”

Hannah trains, sometimes four hours at a time, almost every day. She has a real passion for martial arts. Hannah’s coach Julian Shamuon said her consecutive wins are a product of her continuous dedication to the sport.

“She’s still a young lady, and she’s not even a black belt yet, competing against other black belts,” said Shamuon. “And not only doing well in the division, but winning them – it’s unheard of. She does it almost sometimes easily. Which is a testament to the time that she’s putting into this sport – it shows. She’s made me very proud as a coach. She goes above and beyond expectation, that’s for sure.”

The pressure was on at the WKC provincial qualifiers: if competitors did make top eight in individual scoring, they would be eliminated for the year. Luckily, all 15 members of the Shamuon Generations team were able to make it on to the next round.

Shaumon said it takes three essential elements to make a successful athlete.

“So those three things: the parent, the student and the coach, they all have to work together,” said Shamuon. “The student themselves have to be coachable. If they’re not coachable, then they’re not going to absorb the things that I give them.”

“And when it comes to these students, all 15 of them, that’s what they do, hands down, there’s no question about it.”

The competitors are now turning their attention to the GMA championships in the region, a little closer to home than their usual tournaments. It will take place on May 25 in Kitchener.

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